Blind and partially sighted sports

Visually Impaired Archery banner
Many people are surprised that people who are sight impaired can take part in archery; however it has a long history here in the UK, particularly amongst people who are totally blind.
With the foot locater and aiming guide it is possible to access and compete in this sport, we shoot our arrows from what is known as a re-curve bow, similar to the type used in London 2012.

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Contact: or  Phone: 07966260089


Visually Impaired Athletic banner
 Athletics is an integral component of the Paralympic Games, each sport being divided up according to sight category, with track events carrying the option of a sighted guide runner (attached via rope) for those with low or no vision.
The Annual Metro Athletics Open is our number one event for blind and partially sighted athletes in the region, regardless of experience. It is open to everyone from under 18s to veteran athletes.

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Visually Impaired bowls banner
 Bowls is very suitable for totally blind and partially sighted players, as only some very minor adaptations need to be made. The visually impaired bowler can play singles, pairs, triples or in a team of four.
There is no reason why VI bowlers can’t play against fully sighted players and they often do. It is a sport for people of all ages.

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Close up photo of a Climber on a multi coloured climbing wall. text says Visually Impaired Climbing at Westway Sports and Fitness Centre.
Visually Impaired Climbing in West London with Metro Blind Sport

you will get the opportunity to learn how to climb under a guided professional instructor and get active in a unique way!

These sessions will provide you with a great experience of learning how to use the ropes and gain increased confidence in climbing and navigating different types of walls within the centre.

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montage Photo banner for Blind Cricket - Cricket for blind and partially sighted people
Cricket for blind and partially sighted people is played with a size 3 plastic football with ball bearings inside to enable players to hear the ball. The game is similar to mainstream cricket.
Teams consist of four blind/severely visually impaired players and seven partially sighted players. Metro play their home matches at Highgate Wood. The Metro Devils Team welcomes both men and women, and players of all abilities and ages. So even if you’ve never played cricket before, and you fancy giving it a go, please do get in touch..

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Cricket Contact: Rory Field  Email Rory or Tel. 07742 323224


Tandem Cycling photo from Wheels of wellbeing session
Cycling is a great way to keep healthy and fit while having fun at the same time!
We have put this page together to help our Members and visitors, find the most local and regular Vision Impaired Tandem Cycling sessions, as easily as possible.

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Contact: or  Phone: 07508958927

montage Photo banner for Blind football and futsal - football for blind and partially sighted people
Metro is a partner organisation of London Metro Futsal Club. This setup provides adult partially sighted footballers with the opportunity to train and compete against other partially sighted teams on a regular basis.
We also work in closely with Tottenham Hotspur FC to offer under 18 football projects and team session events on a regular basis.

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Photo banner for Visually Impaired Sailing showing the sea speeding past the side of the yacht at an angle -Multi Events for blind and partially sighted people Photo Credit: Microsoft
Many blind and partially sighted people are naturally skilled at sailing on the wind – imagine being at the helm and in control of the boat, nudging the wheel back or forth as you feel the wind shift across your face!
Metro does not own a yacht or organise sailing trips, , but there are many UK-based projects that offer sailing opportunities to blind and partially sighted people, including accessible Day Skipper Courses for those who’ve found their sea legs and caught the sailing bug! Photo Credit: Microsoft

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Sailing Contact: Amanda Green Email Amanda or Tel. 07790 102147

Skiing - Ridderweek
Most of the skiing that blind and partially sighted people do will be cross-country or Nordic skiing. This is immense fun and great exercise in the outdoors.
Cross-country skiing involves skiing in ready prepared tracks or grooves in the snow. Blind and partially sighted people ski with a guide who will assist in the way that best meets the skier’s needs and preferences.
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Skiing Contact: Mike Brace Email Mike or Tel. 07973 124012

Subsidised 1 to 1 Swimming with Metro Blind Sport

Metro Blind Sport in partnership with Ealing Swimming Club and Everyone Active are offering one to one swimming lessons, as we believe this is the best way to start if you have always wanted to try swimming, but need that one to one support.


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Swimming Contact: Fred Email Fred or Tel. 07428 783509
or or  Phone: 07508958927

Photo banner for Visually Impaired Tennis showing Metro Players from the Tennis Championships in 2014 - Tennis for blind and partially sighted people
Metro started running training sessions in tennis in 2007. Sound ball tennis is played on either a badminton court or a standard tennis court using a junior tennis racket and an adapted sponge ball that makes a noise when it bounces.
Just like standard tennis, you can play singles or doubles. Metro offers regular evening practice sessions in London with a coach on hand and organizes an annual national tournament in the autumn.
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Tennis Contact: Linda  Linda Almond or or  Phone: 07508958927

Photo of a guide and walker laughing out loud together as they go over a muddy path text says Walk in the Park- Booking Now Available


Thanks to the Sport England Tackling Inequalities Fund, the Metro Blind Sport, ‘Walk in the Park’ is a London walking program for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Our weekly walks will take place across different parks in London.
  • Our walks are free, fun, and friendly – perfect to help you get active and meet new people.
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martin.symcox@metroblindsport.orgor  Phone: 07508958927
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