What I love about tennis is that I can play a sport that other people do, and I think that being on the tennis court is a really safe environment. The enjoyment comes from being able to socialise with other people, the ability to stay fit, not having to take it seriously unless you want to.

from Ilford

Tennis has made me go out much more; my family can now join in. It’s revolutionary. If you are thinking about tennis, it’s definitely something to try, and it could change your life as it has mine.

A youth member from Watford

I didn’t just discover cricket at Metro Blind Sport; I discovered independence, freedom and a new lease of life.  Cricket became the vehicle to greater things in life, such as university, volunteering, employment and the greatest achievement of all, representing my country.

A member from Wandsworth

Cricket with Metro has been to get me out and about and to have social interaction and be part of a team. I love it; I find it really welcoming, a good bunch of people and great support. Cricket has helped me to get out more and not worry so much about travelling. It’s bought me out of my shell.
Nick from Brixton
Metro Blind Sport changes lives.  Sport delivers many social, physical and mental benefits helping participants lead a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life both on and off the field of play.
Mark Russell Trustee
Everyone welcomes you. You immediately don’t feel like a stranger. It’s improved my confidence to play a sport I love. It’s all about having fun.
Everton from Barnet