Climbing is a sport for all. Whether you want to develop your fitness, confidence or make some new friends, come and give it a try!

woman climbing on a climbing wall


Metro Blind Sport offers Visually Impaired Climbing in West London. You will get the opportunity to learn how to climb under a guided professional instructor and get active in a unique way!

These sessions take place at Westway Climbing Centre, in blocks, of 5-week periods. For these 5 weeks you will be in a small group with your climbing coach.

These sessions will provide you with a great experience of learning how to use the ropes and gain increased confidence in climbing and navigating different types of walls within the centre. With 350 climbing routes and 150 bouldering routes to choose from at Westway Climbing Centre, there is a climbing opportunity available for everyone.

All of these sessions are open to those of all abilities. 


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Metro Blind Sport event at High Ropes Outdoors