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Topics covered include Blind and partially sighted Sports, Events,  VI technology and VI campaigns.

Metro Station Collection Dates: 24 July, 21 Aug, 25 Sept, 23 Oct!

Metro Station Collection

Are any Metro members available are free to helpwith Station collections on any of these dates 24th July, 21st August, 25th September, 23rd October to raise some fund for Metro Blind Sport

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A Star is Born?

Metro Devils Cricket Team

Saturday this week was a day made for cricket; warm bright sunshine with just a few puffy white clouds around to make sure that while very pleasant it was not too warm for playing – in stark contrast to the challenging conditions of the gale force winds for the Devil’s last game.

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Dolphins Blown Away by Devils

The Metro Devils recorded their first league win of the season on Sunday 12th July with a 7 wicket win against the Dorset Dolphins on the south coast. – Report by David Samuels

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Sailing opportunity in August & September!

Sailing with Visually Impaired Sailing Association

The days entail a mixture of sailing around the Solent, or weather and conditions permitting maybe further afield to Portland or even across the channel to France.

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Cricket: One Step Away?

Metro Cricket Team

Yes; after a second very one sided Metro v Yorkshire match this season, Metro are in the BBS Cup final for the first time since they lost to Sussex in 2010… Yorkshire will be a tough opponents on the 22nd August.

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