News for vision impaired people

Topics covered include Blind and partially sighted Sports, Events,  VI technology and VI campaigns.

BBC: Mikey Poulli: The young blind footballer

photo of Mikey Poulli holding the aduio football on the football pitch

An 11-year-old boy from north London, who lost his sight due to a rare degenerative condition, is able to play the sport he loves thanks to a football that makes a sound.

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News & Events Update – 28 July

Metro Blind Sport logo with a blue tinted spotlight behind it and faded images of the Chris Lewis and steve the instructor just about to land from thier tandem parachute jump and the text saying Events & News Update from Metro Blind Sport 28 July 2021

Here is this weeks update on the event and online opportunities and news to help you keep active! Take the time to have a read through and see how you can get active!

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When a Blind Man Jumps out of a Plane!

Photo of Chris Lewis on the very edge if an oprn play door 12,ooo feet up about to do a tandem parachute jump

I blame it on having an action man as a kid and the abundance of war-related stories on television and at the cinema in the 60s and 70s. But, when offered a choice between a posh lunch out, a new fire pit or a parachute jump for my 60th birthday, I jumped at the parachute option…

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Fulham Adult Football Continues – 29th July 2021

Photo of blind football players enjoying kicking the ball around on the Indoor Brixton Astro Pitch text says Fulham Adult Blind and Partially Sighted football Continues - 29 July to 2 Sept 6 -7 pm

The good news is that Fulham has decided to continue our Adult Blind and Partially Sighted football sessions throughout the School Summer Holidays. The current block has one session left on Thursday 22nd July 2021. if you do your booking by phone please call Katy on 07827 957 837.

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Cricket: Fantastic First League Win of The Season!

Metro Cricket Team Players laughing together as they retire from batting

Again the weather was miserable with spots of rain as players arrived for the BBS cup semi-final against Lancashire. An early start was wanted – due to some evening event in Italy! – and in fact as the rain cleared and a little sun shone through the small patches of blue that had appeared the match did start just before one.

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