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Topics covered include Sports, Events,  VI technology and VI campaigns.

Sought-after VR Dev is Blind

Virtual reality developer says blindness is an advantage not a barrier

Simon Che de Boer is a legally-blind, albino, VR developer taking the world by storm.

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Athletics Open on Connect Radio

Athletics Open on RNIB Connect Radio

RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell spoke to Roy Smith, from Metro Blind Sport, to learn more about the charity and a sporting event, open to all, coming up on 16 June 2018…

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Reduce depression by regular exercise

Reduce Depression with Regular Exercise

Strong evidence exists showing a 20-30% reduction in depression in adults who participate in physical activity daily

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RSBC Blindfold Run 2018

RSBC Blindfold Run 2018

Do something most people would never dream of. Sign up for this unique running experience, testing trust & teamwork. Partner up, take it in turns to be blindfolded and navigate a 5 or 10km route without your sight.
We’ll send you a training pack with blindfolds and a tether to practice with. You’ll also receive an RSBC Blindfold Run t-shirt, bespoke medal and goody bag.

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Free VI Ballroom & Latin Dance

Free VI Ballroom & latin Dance

Free Latin & Ballroom dance programme for blind & vision impaired people. This unique programme will support people to learn Latin and Ballroom dance over a 30-week programme. There will be opportunities to take an exam and perform for people that would like to – or participants can dance socially. For registration details please email or call. or Call 07976 363861

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