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Topics covered include Blind and partially sighted Sports, Events,  VI technology and VI campaigns.

Cricket: Back to Normal?

Cricket: Rory dive to catch the ball

Arriving at Highgate for the home match against the current BCEW League champions the whole of the sky was a carpet of solid duck egg grey clouds; with no glimpse of blue or the sun.

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Audio Described: Floor Yoga Class 4

Photo of Claire Miller in a lunge position text says Audio Described Floor Yoga Class 4 with Claire Miller

Audio Described Floor Yoga Classes with Claire Miller video.

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Sport transformed my life! – Matt Lancett

Photo of Matt kancett charging toward a player to tackle him in a game of VI Rugby - Sport transformed my life! - Matt Lancett

Matt found through running, football, cricket, and in particular rugby, a new sense of freedom. His confidence steadily grew. There were no longer constant worries about bumping into things. No worries about cars or other people around as he knew he safely on a sports pitch.

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Cricket: The Devils are back!

A Photo of a Metro Devils batsman hitting the ball mid height and a team photo of the devils back in 2017 - The Metro Devils are Back!

With a limited season of competitive cricket in the BCEW south and west in 2021, the Devils were very pleased to be able to arrange a midweek friendly against Berkshire Stags. The game was played at the University of Reading, as a 15 over format with illegal deliveries only re-bowled in the last over so that the game could be completed between five and seven-thirty.

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News & Events Update – 9 June!

Metro Blind Sport logo with a blue tinted spotlight behind it and faded images of the Metro sport cricket team smiling and holding thier cup medals and the text saying Wednesday 9 June Weekly Events & News Update!

Here is this weeks update on the event and online opportunities and news to help you keep active! Take the time to have a read through and see how you can get active!

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