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Volunteers needed – Wearable Tech!

volunteers needed for outreach event for Wearable Tech

My name is Dan I am from University College London’s engineering department and we were wondering if any of your members or colleagues could help us at all on the morning of Monday the 23rd of July. We are running a summer school for sixth form students centred around wearable tech and are in desperate need for guests to informally chat with our students about their lives/jobs etc.  Hopefully these conversations will act as a stimulus for exciting project ideas that the students will build by the end of the week. We are hoping to represent a wide range of applications from arts to sports to healthcare.

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Top Assistive VI Tech!

Top assistive technology and apps for people with sight loss original Article on by Emma Purcell Have you recently lost your sight and want to know what technology is available to you? Or have you had a sight impairment the majority of your life and are interested in upgrading your devices? Our contributor, Emma Purcell, who … Continue reading Top Assistive VI Tech!

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Eye test APP: Peek Acuity!

Peek Acuity is a smartphone-based vision check app. It has been engineered by eye experts and allows anyone to check visual acuity using only an Android smartphone.

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Ten Pin Bowling & Lunch 24 July!

Ten Pin Bowling with SELVIS

Come along to play a game or two of 10 Pin Bowling, an excellent opportunity to socialise, compete, meet old friends and essentially make new ones!

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My Guide: Leisure & Recreational!

My Guide by Guide dogs

It is a free service in which volunteers are matched with users to help with participating in activities away from the home including leisure and recreational. The volunteers and users meet up once a week for a minimum of six months which varies according to the needs of the user.

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