Code of conduct

Metro Blind Sport: Code of conduct – December 2017

This code of conduct applies to all Junior and Adult members with immediate effect.

Metro Blind Sport


Code of conduct

Metro Blind Sport is proud of the reputation of its representative teams and individuals. To ensure we maintain the highest possible standards we will follow the below code of conduct and those issued by National Governing Bodies of Sport.

Accordingly, in joining and/or representing Metro you agree to:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others at all times. Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse. Abide by the spirit as well as the letter, of the laws of the sport you are participating in.
  • Act as an ambassador for Metro in the UK at all times but specifically when so requested in accordance with team membership, coaches, Sport Leads and captain’s instructions.
  • Project a favourable and positive image of Metro and the sport/activity you are participating in.
  • Ensure you wear the appropriate clothing at all times especially when this is specified for the individual sports/competitions.
  • Attend Metro events punctually, behave with self-discipline and give notice of and reasons for any non-attendance.
  • Listen to and take on board guidance given by coaches, Sport Leads and team captains.
  • Avoid public statements (either as part of formal interviews or comments made via social networking or other websites) which use the name of Metro Blind Sport, or cite any of the sporting environments it has created, as a means to make personal attacks on other competitors or fellow Metro members.
  • Be aware that others may be competing and/or training even after your events have finished. Please leave the venues as you find them.
  • If participating in a competitive sporting event maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship, accept victory and defeat with dignity and grace.
  • No Photo’s and/or Videos can be taken without the permission of the Sport Lead or the members who are in the shot or background.
  • If we feel you’ve not acted within the spirit of this code we’ll let you know at the earliest opportunity. We’ll give you an example of where you stepped outside the spirit of the code and discuss ways in which you might do things differently. This conversation will be had away from other group members.
  • We reserve the right to suspend you from our groups or activities for persistent breaches of this code of conduct or violent and abusive behaviour. Where possible we’ll do our best to find other social outlets for you. You’ll be given the reasons for your exclusion in writing.
  • Appeals – You may disagree with us if we’ve told you your actions are in breach of the code of conduct. We are keen that any disputes are settled quickly and amicably so please discuss the decision with the sports lead.
  • Any member of the Metro Trustees Committee receiving a complaint, match report or other information about conduct appearing to indicate a breach of this code by a Metro member, should draw it to the attention of the rest of the committee.
  • The complaint will be discussed with the appropriate Sports Lead, Coach etc., in the first instance to if possible resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction. If this is not possible to resolve at this stage the Trustees will set up a panel, this should comprise of 3 members of the Trustees Committee although, where necessary other suitably qualified individuals may be co-opted.
  • If the committee thinks it appropriate, it should instruct one of its number to seek further evidence from the parties involved in the relevant events, including clubs, match officials or players and especially the member alleged to be in default.
  • The panel will review the available evidence and consider whether further enquiries are necessary. Once the panel is satisfied with the quality of the evidence available the member alleged to be in default must be formally notified of the charge, provided with a copy of the relevant charge and allowed a minimum of 7 days in which to comment on it.
  • If the said member admits the charge or fails to reply, the panel may proceed immediately to impose an appropriate penalty.


The Board of Trustees appreciates your commitment to follow this code of conduct.