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Blind Tennis often called Soundball Tennis  is played on either a badminton court or a standard tennis court using a junior tennis racket and an adapted sponge ball that makes a noise when it bounces. Balls can be either black or florescent yellow to give maximum contrast with the colour of the sports hall. Tennis video link here

The standard rules of tennis apply with just a few modifications: if you’re totally blind you’re allowed three bounces, those with partial sight are allowed two. Just like standard tennis, you can play singles or doubles. Sighted players can play against visually impaired players, but they’re allowed only one bounce and no volleying.


Date: Sunday 21st February 2016 Time: 13:00-19:00
Venue: Islington Tennis Centre
This is open to Metro members only, aged 16 and over.

Metro Tennis Club Tournament 2016 – ENTRY FORM

Closing Date for entry: Saturday 06th February 2016.
Entry forms to be returned to

To find out more about what we offer or to get involved, contact Odette Battarel

 Upcoming Tennis Events

Blind Tennis Session – Islington Tennis Centre – 29 April 2016

Islington Tennis Centre (ITC), Market Road, London, N7 9PL.
6.00pm - 8.00pm
29th April 2016
The first session is FREE - £2.50 for Members - £5 Non-Members
More Info

Vision Impaired Tennis Training Camp – 30 Apr 2016

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
Eton Manor, Leadmill Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3AD
2.00pm - 5.00pm
08456 770 604
30th April 2016
FREE for 18’s and under, £2.50 for 18+
More Info

Video on Blind Tennis

What Metro can offer:

  • Regular evening practice sessions in London with a coach on hand
  • An annual national tournament in the autumn (thanks to support from the Tennis Foundation)
  • Support to achieve a coaching certificate
  • Sessions for adults and juniors. Islington Tennis Centre Friday sessions are for partially sighted players. National Tennis Centre Friday sessions are for advanced players.
  • Wednesday sessions are for totally blind players (B1) and people who have never played tennis before.

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Want to know more?

To find out more about what we offer or to get involved, contact Odette battarel

You can watch a video of Odette being interviewed about Sound Ball Tennis at the link below:

Latest VI Advisory Groups agreed  VI Tennis Rule below

Download: the full VI Tennis Advisory Group Document below
Feedback Word document here

See rules for more info.

Read about the Metro Annual Tennis Tournament 2013 and a new players perspective by clicking on ‘Articles’ in the Quicklinks box on this page. For an umpire’s view of the 2012 Tournament, Visit:

Watch a video on Metro the Tennis Foundation website of metro members playing at the National Tennis Centre

To read about Miyoshi Takei, the inventor of blind tennis, visit:

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