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Topics covered include Blind and partially sighted Sports, Events,  VI technology and VI campaigns.

Young People’s Project – 29 Jan

Young People’s Project in Merton 29 Jan call 07792 395894!

Are you between 18-30 with a visual impairment? Do you live in Merton or surrounding areas? Would you like to attend a social group outside your working hours?
If your answers to the above questions are yes, then why not attend our focus group to help us make this happen? This is a new project Merton Vision are running, but we need you to tell us what you want! call Sophie Camara on: 07792 395894

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BBC River Walks with Amar Latif

BBC River Walks with Amar Latif -TravelEyes

Amar Latif – BBC River Walks An episode of BBC’s ‘River Walks’ will be presented by Traveleyes Founder and Director Amar Latif and will air at 7.30pm on Monday 10th December on BBC One. The episode will be available on the BBC iPlayer shortly after.

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AR to help guide the blind

Augmented Reality to Guide the Blind - Caltech

Augmented reality technology gives objects “voices,” enabling a vision-impaired person to hear what is in their surroundings. Soon, the blind might have some navigational help, thanks to Caltech researchers who have combined augmented reality hardware and computer vision algorithms to develop software that enables objects to “talk.” Worn as a portable headset, the technology translates the optical world into plain English audio. The device could one day be made available in banks, grocery stores, museums, and other locations, to help blind people make their way through unfamiliar spaces.

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Performing Arts Workshop – Extant!

Performing Arts Workshop - Extant - 14 to 17 yrs

VICTA is teaming up with Extant, Britain’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people, to provide a workshop day for 14-17 year olds during the February half term.

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MSSC Christmas Get-Together

MSSC Social Christmas Get together on the 11 Dec!

Come and play Giant Jenga, or try to overthrow our resident Connect 4 Champion, or just relax and enjoy a chat with a drink and some tasty nibbles, and perhaps pull a Christmas cracker or two!

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