Athletics for blind & partially sighted people

Athletics for blind and partially sighted people is an integral component of the Paralympic games, each sport being divided up according to sight category, with track events carrying the option of a sighted guide runner (attached via rope) for those with low or no vision.

Annual Metro Athletics Championships

The annual Metro Athletics Championships are held every summer in London. Blind and partially sighted athletes from all over the country attend, and overnight accommodation is available if needed.

The Championships are a highlight of the year. They have been the number one event for over thirty years for blind and partially sighted athletes to compete against each other. They are open to everyone from young juniors to veteran athletes, and incorporate a comprehensive track and field programme. Track events range from the 60m sprint to the 5,000m race. Field events include the high and long jump, shot put, discus and javelin. Run in accordance with UK Athletics and International Blind Sports Association’s rules by a team of qualified officials, the event is a great day out for families at which many friendships are forged.

You can access the results and an article from this year's Games (held on 15 June at Mile End Stadium) at the relevant 'quick links' at the bottom of this page.

Dublin May Games

Metro also considers subsidy requests for athletes to attend the May Games in Dublin, which are organised by Irish Blind Sports. Click here for the Irish Blind Sports homepage.

Want to know more?

For further information about athletics for blind and partially sighted people, contact Ian Francis at:

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You can also download a comprehensive information pack on guide running in PDF format at the link below.

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