Waterloo Train Station Collection – Fri 26 Aug!

Blurred background image of inside of waterloo station with two red Metro Blind Sport Collection boxes framing this text in the middle "Volunteers Needed For Collection at Waterloo Station 26 August 2022"
Waterloo Station, Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8SW
All day! Choose your time - 7am -7pm
07837 721648
26th August 2022

Volunteers are needed for collection at Waterloo train Station on Friday, 26 August!

Metro have the go-ahead to do a collection at Waterloo train station on 26  August from 7 am (catch the commuters!) until 7 pm.  As you can imagine, these opportunities help us to raise money to continue to provide support for sporting and social activities across London.

We especially need volunteers for lunch and early evening time slots!

If you have an hour at lunchtime and work near Waterloo station or pass through on your way home and are interested in helping out, please email Tracie.tappenden@metroblindsport.org

We can have up to 6 people collecting around the station at any one time, and we are looking for people to come along and help us.  Assistant dogs are very welcome, and if you would like to bring a friend for support, that would also be welcome.

We will have a schedule so you can do as long or as short as you like.

Before starting, people need to bring a photo ID and sit through a ten-minute safety briefing.

If you are interested in being part of the day, helping us to raise awareness of the charity and to raise some funds, we would love to hear from you

You will be supplied with collection boxes and tee shirts which you will be able to keep as a thank you after the day is over.

With very best wishes and grateful thanks

Tracie Tappenden
CEO Metro Bind Sport


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