Vision Impaired Sailors’ Week 2016 on the South Coast!

Vision Impaired Sailors week on the south coast 2016 - Blind Week
This year’s event will be Falmouth-based and hosted once again by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club
25th June 2016
£240 for a Weeks Sailing, 25 June-2 july

Dear VI sailor or would-be sailor

I am pleased to send you this warm invitation to sail in a Blind Week yacht during the coming summer.

This year’s event will be Falmouth-based and hosted once again by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.  Following the well-established pattern, participants will gather on Saturday 25th June in the afternoon and we start the week’s events with an opening dinner at the Club that evening.  Having sailed a variety of routes the yachts and their crews will converge at the Club for the closing dinner on Friday evening, and then crews will disembark on Saturday morning 2nd July. I am delighted to say that Mike Browne has once again agreed to facilitate this event through his charity, Sporting Activities for the Disabled Charitable Trust.

If you are visually impaired and would like to apply for a place to crew on a yacht for the week, please fill in your responses to the questions below and reply to one of these emails or (both are monitored)

by Friday 18th March at the latest.  Please do so even if you’ve already mentioned your wish to participate in BW to me, or anyone else involved in the event.

I am very aware of the need to keep costs under tight control, so it’s great that we are able to hold the VI crew contribution to £240 – the same as last year. 

If you haven’t participated in Blind Week before, please read the ‘What’s it all About?’ document – a description by regular VI participants to be found at before completing your application answers below and sending them back to me. If you are unable to open this web-link, just let me know and I will send the document to you directly.

I should emphasise that sailing experience is not necessary to participate in and really enjoy Blind Week.  Complete beginners and newcomers are just as warmly welcome as experienced VI sailors whose skills have been developed over many sea miles!  If you know of any visually impaired person who may not be aware of Blind Week, but might like to come along, or any friend who doesn’t appear to have received this letter, please do ask them to contact me – or you might simply copy this email on to them.  We can only cater for VI sailors over 18, and the normal sailing yachts we use do require reasonable agility by all the crew, as set out in the ‘What’s it all About’ document.

At this stage it is impossible to confirm places until we know the availability of boats, so do bear with me until I’m able to confirm your place and your provisional yacht allocation – which will be in early April.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.  If you would like to take part in the event please respond directly to this email by completing the questions set out below.

With my best wishes for 2016!


Dr Will Bridge
Co-ordinator of Blind Week
Sporting Activities for the Disabled Charitable Trust:  Charity no. 1044893

31 Pacific Close, Southampton, SO14 3TX or (both are monitored)

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