Louie Voice Control – an Android App!

VI Tech: Louie Voice Control is an Android App

The Louie Voice Control App

Imagine being able to fully control popular apps and phone features with just voice commands!

Louie is an accessibility app and can be used by all voice control lovers, including but not limited to the visually impaired, blind, motor-disabled, elderly, or people with limited manual dexterity.  Louie needs accessibility permissions to operate.

Graham Page and Darren Paskell from Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) Tech team kindly tested out the basic functions of Louie Voice Control App for us.

Darren Paskell, TPT Tech Champion said  “It was a positive experience, the voice control when using Louie on the YouTube app, was excellent,  even skipping the ads worked, it did make you think, why on earth has no one done this before? ”

Graham Page said, “It actually skips the ads in YouTube automatically for you, once the skip ads button appears, as that usually takes a few seconds. The App seems pretty good, especially as it is in beta – early access. Even the contacts worked well. It looks encouraging. There is lots of guidance during the installation process as well as a tutorial accessible at any time.  This certainly helped me learn the voice commands to use Louie more quickly.”

The only caveat is that Louie Voice Control App is only on the android system. Though that in the long term could help to make all android devices more viable.

As with any app, choosing your device based on one app is never a safe bet, but If you happen to have an android device,  why not give it a go as it is free at the moment, due to it still being in early access. You can download it from the play store, link a below.

Louie requires Android 7 or later.

Louie Voice Control Link:


“Louie Voice Control App” explained by Louie’s Founder  Pramit Bhargava.  Youtube video below.


By just giving voice commands to Louie, you can:

  • Enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube
  • Book an Uber
  • Send Text or Audio Messages,
  • Share Audio & Video,
  • Make Audio & Video Calls through WhatsApp
  • Fully Manage your Contacts & Make Phone Calls
  • Many more Apps are on the way

Louie is an accessibility app and can be used by all voice-lovers including but not limited to visually impaired, blind, motor-disabled, elderly, people with limited manual dexterity and all hands-free lovers. Louie needs accessibility permissions to operate.

None of the leading Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri) can do what Louie can: *Voice Assistants tend to be superficial & will allow you to do only 2-3 things within an App.

Louie in comparison will fully voice control an App – each and every feature within the App. *Leading Voice Assistants or Personal Assistants have a nasty habit of going silent every now and then. Louie in comparison will do a two-way continuous interaction – just like a human interaction Louie has been built by a visually impaired person – Pramit Bhargava.



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