Those lazy days on the sea!

Sailing - Those lazy days on the sea with VISA-GB

Those lazy days on the sea.

Fastnet Race, Cowes Week, bathing suits, sandcastles, ice creams and deckchairs, so do you really think the Visa-gb bods have been sitting about?

No sir, we’ve no time for such luxuries! It’s noses to the winch, splices to the mainbrace and all go in our preparation for the late August trip to promote the abilities of our visually impaired sailors as they set off on the good ship UKSA on 26th August with promotion, exhibition, broad-reaching, close hauling and fish finger frying all on the menu.

Poole in sunny Dorset is the featured town for this trip, local members from Dorset Blind Association will be stepping aboard for tea, scones and possibly a spoon of jam whilst being shown around the yacht.

What’s this all about we hear you ask – well, my fellow readers, this is all about The Visually Impaired Sailing Association delivering a promise.  Our promise, made at the Trustee meeting in June, was to make more people aware of the benefits of offshore sailing for the blind and visually impaired and, with help from those lovely people at Tesco and Groundworks, with their bags for life scheme, we are delivering stage one of that promise.

Being on a boat, working in a team, living, laughing, cooking, cleaning, raising and lower sails, steering, trimming, motoring and mooring all create a tangible feeling of wellbeing.  What we can do rather than what we can’t makes for a positive experience, if you doubt this then come on down to Poole Quay and meet us, we’ll be there from 28th August – if you want more details then give blind sailing supremo Lofty Sims a call on 07854245276.

Hats off, and a loud hurrah, in welcoming our new treasurer Anil Kanani who has just stepped out of the shadows and into the full glare of the Visa-gb spotlight to take centre stage as our finance man.  Welcome Anil and thank you, we’ll be in fine fettle with our credit and debit, cash and flow all neatly lined up and ready to cast off.

Now for a reminder that you will need to act on sooner rather than later, it’s been mentioned before and it will be again BUT if you don’t want to miss out you really should reserve your bunk aboard Fowler’s Fantastic Flotilla or, as some call it, Our Island Odyssey, Scotland 2020.

The dates are 18th April to 25th April 2020, the location is Largs on the West coast of bonny Scotland, the cost is £300 for the week including food and a comfy bunk to lay your weary head. How you book is simple, call our marvellous membership secretary Sue Hogge on 07767717440 or email at

By the way thanks for all the positive feedback from Blind Week, the Folly Inn staff have recovered from all you table dancers, the Royal Lymington Yacht Club had special delivers to restock their empty bar and even Will Bridge and Grant Morris have emerged from their darkened rooms fully recovered!  Phew, we clearly got away with it as they’ve asked us back for next year – whoopee we hear you cry!!

That’s all from Visa-gb towers, for now, folks, have another 99 while the sun still shines. We’re raising the anchor here, back in September – haul away


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