Tandem Cycling Video Launched!

Tandem Cycling Videos Launched

On 21 June, Metro Blind Sport has released the final video in the recent series that they have created.  The Tandem Cycling Video has been released to demonstrate how blind and partially sighted people can take part in cycling.

Video link here: https://blindsport.uk/TandemVideo

Disabled people are currently the least active group in society, and twice as likely as non-disabled people to be physically inactive. With support from the Greater London Fund for the Blind and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Metro Blind Sport has created a series of videos to help to reverse this trend.

Tandem cycling is a great way to be active and it is also an incredibly social activity. The tandem cycling video is designed to show how visually impaired cycling occurs and the benefits it has on participants. The video shares first-hand experiences from people with a variety of visual impairments, so others can learn from their stories, helping them to understand the health and social benefits of cycling.

Tandem Cycling Video Below

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of cycling and the many benefits that it can bring.

Martin Symcox, CEO of Metro Blind Sport

“Metro Blind Sport are delighted to have released our final video in the series. With a sighted guide at the front of the bike, tandem cycling allows blind and partially sighted people to enjoy the benefits of cycling and provides the opportunity to meet new people and gain confidence.

Visually impaired people have told us that they are unaware of the opportunities that exist, and these videos are intended to demonstrate how blind and partially sighted can get involved and get active in an extremely popular VI activity.”


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