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Try Something New in 2019

Try Something New for 2019 by Odette Battarel

Try something new in 2019

Yesterday I tried archery for the first time ever!.

I play a lot of blind tennis but my new year’s resolution for 2019 is to be brave and try out new things. I looked in Metro blind sport newsletter to see what activities were on offer and spotted archery. I knew a few friends who have been doing it for years and had always been intrigued as to how it works for blind or partially sighted archers.

When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by Jen and Fred who run the sessions for Metro at the Southfields community school on Sundays. The sports hall was all set up with targets, bows and arrows all ready to shoot.

The Coach was very enthusiastic and very helpful, I started learning where to stand, how to hold the bow and how to load an arrow. I had to feel my way around the bow and the string a few times before mastering the first skills, then the coach guided me to take the right position to pull the string and shoot.



I was very excited when I heard the noise of the arrow planting itself on the target! This was the very first time I had shot an arrow from a real bow!.

Although I could not see the target it was still very interesting to find out about all the techniques. And then I heard a bang and it was a fellow archer who had just hit bull’s eye and popped a balloon that the coach had pinned to the target! Everyone clapped and we all tried to pop a balloon!

When all the arrows were spent we walked up to the targets to see how well we did and to pick up all the arrows that went astray.

It was strangely calming to stand and think all the instructions, aim and shoot a bit like some kind of meditation. This is a sport, one can do just for fun or it can become really competitive, Fred was telling me how some of the Sunday archers had started with them and then moved on to enter competitions and bring back gold medals for the club.

I would definitely recommend others to try something new and have a go!

by Odette Battarel

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