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VI Tennis National Finals: Waved competition Prerequisite!

Two photos one of a tennis player returning the ball mid height, the other of players and a volunteer shaking hands over the net with the LTA logo top left all above a blue background with stacks of tennis balls, text says LTA: Vision Impaired Tennis National Final 2022 Update!

Due to low entries for the 2022 Visually Impaired Tennis National Finals, we have decided to wave the ruling that players must compete at one regional competition to attend. We hope this will encourage more participation into the tournament.

If you are yet to enter the event please find the details below:

Dates: 18th – 20th November

Venue: Wrexham Tennis Centre

Enter Here: Visually Impaired Tennis National Finals 

Entry Deadline: Friday 4th November


In addition we will be organising a official dinner on Saturday 19th November at the Wrexham Glyndwr University.

Please find attached the menu for the evening and the form to complete to sign up. Guests will need to pay for their meal (£21.95).

Visually Impaired Tennis National Finals – Official Meal



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Disability Tennis National Finals 20-22 Nov 2020

Disability Tennis National Finals 20-22 Nov 2020

Disability Tennis National Finals 20-22 Nov 2020

We are very happy to inform you that for now, all this year’s National finals will be running for Learning Disability, Visually Impaired and Wheelchair players.

The government has confirmed that organised activity for larger groups, including tennis competitions, is permitted as an exception to the limit of six.  This is provided the activity is in accordance with the COVID-19 Secure guidelines published by the LTA for venues, coaches, players and competitions.

Organised indoor competition at COVID-19 secure venues can continue to take place, given activity on court for individual matches is under six people. Off-court, individuals should limit their social interaction with others and not socialise in groups of more than six.

Competition draw size may need to be limited depending on a range of factors including the COVID-19 secure capacity of the venue.

The above are the current rules and can change depending on government guidance. For up to date information please see our Coronavirus (Covid-19) – latest update

With the above points being considered, we have been in discussion with all National Final venues. Each venue has their own rules and limitations, which has allowed us to decide the boundaries in which we can run our events. Please see below details of how National events will operate this year. We understand this is not the perfect outcome for our players, but it allows an opportunity to play and compete to those can and those who wish to. If you have any questions once reading the below, please get in touch.

20-22 November – Visually Impaired National Finals – Wrexham Tennis Centre

  • The centre has an on court capacity and social area limitations that have determined our scheduling. The event will therefore be singles only.
  • Each player will be limited to one guest only from their household or social bubble, where possible, we would like to use players guests as their on court helpers as well. This will help us reduce the number of additional volunteers we need on site, which are limited.
  • There will be no social events, players will be asked to leave site when their matches are completed for the day.
  • Entries will be first come first served, a reserve list will be made.
  •  We have two plans, depending on if the university close to the tennis centre will be open or not, we will find this out at the start of October. Please see both plans below, the following are approximate timings and may differ slightly depending on entries. On days where two groups are playing there will be a scheduled “cross over window” and you will be informed exact times in which you can arrive:



Tennis Centre

  • Friday20 th November – B2, B3, B4/5 Women and B4/5 Men ONLY
  • Saturday 21st November B2, B3 B4/5 Women and B4/5 Men – 9.00-13.00. B2 and B3 Men 14.30-18.00
  • Sunday 22nd November – B2 and B3 Men ONLY


Wrexham University Sport Hall

  • Saturday 21st November – B1 Men and Women, 12.00-18.00
  •  Sunday 22nd November – B1 Men and Women, 9.00-18.00



Tennis Centre only

  •  Friday 20th November – ALL Women and B4/5 Men ONLY
  • Saturday 21st November – ALL Women, B1 Men and B4/5 Men – 9.00-13.00. B2 and B3 Men 14.30-18.00
  • Sunday 22nd November – B1, B2 and B3 Men, ONLY


Player number caps will be as follows:

  • B1 – 8 men and 8 women
  • B2 – 16 men and 8 women
  • B3 –  16 men and 8 women
  • B4/5 – 8 men and 8 women


If you are a junior and would be interested in a junior only draw, please let me know, and this can be added dependant on demand.

Entries will open in October and you will be given one week notice before they open. It will be first-come, first served, with a reserve list. Things may change with localised lockdown rules and government guidance changing, so please keep an eye on all updates we send through.

Kind Regards,

Claire McCulloch
Disability Competitions Co-ordinator

D: +442084877124
M: +447957959057