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The New Kindle e-book reader by Amazon, becomes accessible!

original article from blind.tech  

The New Kindle is finally accessible!

Lighter, thinner, more ergonomic and now also available in white, the new Kindle, has all the features to be the perfect combination of ease of use and, above all, accessibility. With its latest device, Amazon adds Bluetooth technology, a first for Kindle devices.

As reported by Fortune magazine, the new e-book reader can read ebook text aloud when connected to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. There is only one problem: the Kindle screen reader feature is only available in English and it is not clear yet when additional languages will be available.

On NvApple – a technology and accessibility blog for the blind – Alessio Lenzi shares his experience with the new Kindle and relates his dismay at the realization of VoiceView’s availability only in English.

International Kindle users are keenly awaiting the Kindle upgrade that will add more languages to the screen-reader. In the meantime, they might still use the latest Kindle to improve their English proficiency…

Tech: Running app – RunKeeper allows blind runner to train alone

SIMON WHEATCROFT blind runner RunKeeper App

After losing his sight from Retinitis Pigmentosa,  Simon Wheatcroft refused to give up on his ambitions to remain fit and began to run. The RunKeeper app provided him with distance updates, so he was able to measure how far he had run and keep his pace, helping him to memorise routes, which is essential for retaining independence when training alone.

Using the RunKeeper app Simon was able to train for longer periods, and last year completed the New York City Marathon!

Simon Wheatcroft
“Runkeeper enabled me to start running. As a blind runner in the past, if I had wanted to know my pace I would have to ask my guide runner, I think they were beginning to become fed up of the constant “What is your pace?” and “How long have we been running?” questions. So Runkeeper gave me true independence. However, around the same time I found Runkeeper, I lost my guide runner. But at least I then knew how fast I was going—about 0 mph as I sat on my couch! So I decided to head outside, position myself between some goal posts on a soccer pitch and run up and down. This worked great with Runkeeper, so it wasn’t long before I ventured onto a closed road. I learned to feel the camber of the road underfoot and enjoyed Runkeeper’s distance updates. It wasn’t long before I thought I could use the feeling underfoot and the distance updates to learn to run on the open road. A few months later with the aid of Runkeeper, I had learned to run a 3-mile road route alone. Runkeeper gave me some independence and freedom with running.”

Runkeeper is all about helping you become a better, fitter you! Track your exercise, set goals, and find the motivation you need! Download the app!   |  RunKeeper app

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