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VIP Singers Video – Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth!

VIP Singers Video- Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth!

The VIP Singers are a group of Visually- Impaired people and their friends. They made this amazing video for the @guidedogs Christmas Wishes Event in 2020. Lovely to see some Metro blind sport members taking part.

VIP Singers – Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth – YouTube Video Below


The VIP Singers are a group of Visually-Impaired people and their friend. We made this video for the Guide Dog Association’s Christmas Wishes Event in 2020.

The VIP Singers normally meet at St Thomas’ Hospital on a Saturday morning (we’re on Zoom at the moment).

If you fancy joining us you are very welcome!

Ring 07770 381 758 for more information.

And while I know that everyone is being pressed for money, if you find you have £10 burning a hole in your pocket and you feel like supporting our singing group for the blind and other support for the visually impaired of South London, based at St Thomas’s,  please feel free to send it online to:

South London Resource Centre for Visually Impaired people

Sort  30-91-54

a/c 01712024

If you are interested, have a look at www.southlondonvision.org as well.



Vision Impaired Singers Video!

V.I.P Singers Video and event details

V.I.P Singers Video!

The V.I.P. Singers is a singing group for visually impaired people and their friends.

We meet on Saturday’s from 10.30 – 12.30 at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

If you have a visual impairment and like singing come and join us 

Everyone is welcome No experience is required. Come for fun! Event detail below video!

Youtube Video below


VIP Singers Group details

When: Every Saturday morning
Dates: 7 September to  14 December  2019  Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Where: South Wing Committee Room, St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster Bridge Rd
London SE1 7EH
Contact: Call 07770 381758
Website:  www.southlondonvision.org