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Our Cricket Videos are Launched!

Metro Blind Sport Cricket Videos launched!

Metro Blind Sport Cricket Video Press Release 21.05.19

On 21st May, Metro Blind Sport have released a new series of videos to improve the delivery, understanding and participation of visually impaired cricket. The new videos are launched on the day that the ICC World Cup Trophy Tour comes to visit the Metro Blind Sport cricket teams in North London.

A recent Sport England Active People Survey showed disabled people are half as likely to be active as non-disabled. With support from the Greater London Fund for the Blind and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Metro Blind Sport has created a series of videos to help to reverse this trend.

The three cricket videos are designed to show how visually impaired cricket is played, how to take part and the benefits it has for participants. The videos share first-hand experiences from people with a variety of visual impairments, so others can learn from their stories, helping them to understand the health and social benefits of playing cricket.

It is intended that the videos are used in cricket clubs, schools and sporting groups across the country to demonstrate how blind and partially sighted cricket is enjoyed by players all around the UK. The videos are an ideal resource for coaches who want to support the growth of visually impaired cricket.

Martin Symcox, CEO of Metro Blind Sport

“The videos have been made to make a positive change and support more people to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle through playing cricket. Visually impaired people have told us that they are unaware of the opportunities that exist. These videos are providing an understanding of how blind and partially sighted people can play sport and be active.”

Rory Field, Metro 1st Team Captain of Metro Blind Sport

“For some time, we have been needing a video to showcase blind and partially sighted cricket. I believe the videos will give coaches more knowledge and confidence to support those people enjoying our fabulous sport. Launching these videos alongside the ICC Trophy Tour demonstrates just how inclusive the game of cricket can be.”

Olivia Curno, CEO of the Greater London Fund for the Blind

“We are proud to support Metro Blind Sport in the production of these fantastic videos. Knowing about and getting access to sport and wider cultural activities should be as easy for London’s blind and partially sighted communities as anyone else. We are committed to ensuring that all Londoners have access to the rich cultural, economic and social opportunities of our city.

To view the videos please see below links and if you like,  please subscribe as we have a lot blind and partially sighted sports video coming very soon!