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Synapptic innovative TV Box!

Synapptic innovative TV Box

Synapptic launches its new and innovative TV Box!

Article from Modern-Eyes: THE MAGAZINE 

Synapptic announces the release of their new TV Box, which was officially launched at the Sight Village Southeast exhibition, at Kensington Town Hall in London, on 6th November 2018. The new Synapptic TV Box is set to be the accessible home entertainment product for people with sight loss. Like all of our Synapptic products, navigation is easy, via our simple menu system, which is both intuitive and can be used by anyone, even if you’re new to technology. Continue reading Synapptic innovative TV Box!

Google’s Lookout App!

Lookout App by Google

Have you heard about Google‘s new app to help blind and partially sighted people learn about their surroundings? Lookout is coming soon.

The tech giant’s Lookout was designed to help the blind and the visually impaired be more independent by giving them spoken notifications about their environment. For instance, it can tell them that there’s a “chair 3 o’clock,” so they don’t bump into the object to their right. The app can also read texts, such as Exit signs over doors.

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Science Museum App for VI

The Science Museum app for visitors with visual impairments

If you’re planning on visiting the Information Age gallery at London’s Science Museum, make sure you download the free Audio Eyes app first.

Available for iOS phones or tablets, this neat app unlocks audio descriptions of the environment, key objects, and tactile displays, and rather than guide the visitor, it responds to their movements around the gallery.

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Assistive Tech: Where are we going?

Assistive technology: Where are we going

Original broadcast on BBC 4 In Touch radio 4 Show!

The lives of blind and visually-impaired people are being transformed by technology. But where are the changes heading? 

Peter White is joined by YouTuber Lucy Edwards as they head to a Microsoft research centre, to get her take on life as a digital native.  As a blind person, what does she want from the technology that’s around the corner?

Download  or Listen by clicking here: http://bit.ly/InTouchATech3Aug  

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