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Study on sleep in VI children

Sleep Study on VI Children with UCL

Good Sleep, Bad Sleep and Somewhere In-between

  As the parent or carer of a child aged 5-11 with Vision Impairment you could help by taking part in our study on sleep in children with Vision Impairment

  What does it involve?

 Our research team from the UCL,  Lifespan Learning and Sleep Laboratory (LiLAS Lab) would ask you and your child to do the following:

 1) Complete an online survey (please see link/QR code) ~ 20 minutes and a sleep diary for a one-week period

2) Your child to do  a ‘number/ word and animal naming game’ (over the phone/in person)

3) Your child to wear an actiwatch (fitbit-like bracelett) to monitor sleep for a max of 5 nights (optional).


Why take part?

 Everyone sleeps and everyone has to sleep – but whether sleep is good, bad or somewhere in between from a Vision Impaired perspective is not known.

Given that sleep is so important to our daily lives, promoting healthy neural, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development, we aim to find out more about sleep patterns in children with Vision Impairment.

We provide child sleep reports to parents upon request.

Thank you for taking time to read about our study and we hope to have you on board !


For any Q’s please email: Jessica.marshall@ucl.ac.uk and Jessica.hayton@ucl.ac.uk

 And find our online survey at: JoinUCL-VI-sleepstudy

QR code for sleep study at UCL

QR code for sleep study