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50:50 – The Search for New Voices for the BBC!

50:50 - The Search for New Voices for the BBC!

“I’m Damon, a news editor and the new Disability Lead in BBC News. Part of my role is to get more and better disability stories on air and also to extend the number of disabled people we see and hear from.

“From my research, the number one ‘ask’ from disabled people is that they want to see more disabled people just ‘there’, not talking about disability but being connected and integrated and seen on the same level as everyone else: workers, partners, parents, artists, business people, etc. etc.

“We’re always on the lookout for new voices for the BBC. We’re looking for people with experiences that can help enrich our content. Voices could be: economists, sport and political commentators, architects, farmers, teachers, doctors, child care specialists, retail commentators – anyone who has special knowledge about a subject that would become newsworthy.

“I am very keen that we fill this up with many disabled experts who could be called on to appear in news packages, live radio or TV interviews or to be quoted in articles.”

Join the database and get your voice heard.

“Please note these can’t be nominations due to data protection reasons, we need each form to be submitted by the individual or with their direct involvement.”