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Smart Home Tech Independence!

Smart Home Tech Independence


Smart Home Technology increases access and independence for blind and partially sighted people

Daniel Williams, Founder of Visualise Training and Consultancy, looks at how smart home technology can be life-changing for blind and partially sighted people

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it brings welcome channels of communication and independence for people with visual impairments. The latest development is Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) – better known as smart home technology, which uses internet-connected devices to interact remotely with your electric appliances and systems, at home or away. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other personal electronics can be used. Continue reading Smart Home Tech Independence!

Google’s Lookout App!

Lookout App by Google

Have you heard about Google‘s new app to help blind and partially sighted people learn about their surroundings? Lookout is coming soon.

The tech giant’s Lookout was designed to help the blind and the visually impaired be more independent by giving them spoken notifications about their environment. For instance, it can tell them that there’s a “chair 3 o’clock,” so they don’t bump into the object to their right. The app can also read texts, such as Exit signs over doors.

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AI to help save lives!

Artificial Intelligence to help save lives

Artificial Intelligence to help save lives at five new technology centres

 Original article by https://www.gov.uk

The UK’s Artificial Intelligence revolution gets new backing, as the Business Secretary announces five new centres of excellence for digital pathology and imaging, including radiology, using AI medical advances.

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Assistive Tech: Where are we going?

Assistive technology: Where are we going

Original broadcast on BBC 4 In Touch radio 4 Show!

The lives of blind and visually-impaired people are being transformed by technology. But where are the changes heading? 

Peter White is joined by YouTuber Lucy Edwards as they head to a Microsoft research centre, to get her take on life as a digital native.  As a blind person, what does she want from the technology that’s around the corner?

Download  or Listen by clicking here: http://bit.ly/InTouchATech3Aug  

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Why Amazon’s Alexa is ‘Life Changing!

Why Amazons Alexa Is Life Changing for the Blind

original  article by  pcmag.com 

Bill Boules, blind since birth, has three Amazon Echos at his home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and says they’ve been “life changing.”

Boules, 42, bought the smart speaker as soon as it came out and found that right away it helped him more easily access audio content on the web. Previously, he had to use a screen reader, which is software that orally announces the contents of a web page. Continue reading Why Amazon’s Alexa is ‘Life Changing!