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Staying Active at Home!

Staying active at home - Sport England advice and links

Staying active at home- Sport England’s advice and links

Sport England has compiled some of the most useful tips on how you can get active when you’re at home, if you’re well enough.

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How to stay active while you’re at home

More and more of us are spending time at home and thinking about other ways of being active.

Official advice is now recommending against non-essential contact and all unnecessary travel – including working from home if you can – which means our routines are going to be changing.

So with lots of people staying at home, we’ve compiled into one place some of the most handy exercise ideas that are out there for keeping active in and around your home.

And if you’ve found a great way to keep active online, use the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media to share it with others.

Remember to check government advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.

Exercising at home

Here is a Link to the Eyes-Free Fitness®  Audio exercise programs on the metro website: https://blindsport.uk/AudioExercise

All programs are completely free – no strings attached.

Example of an Audio Mini Workout  below:

This Girl Can has put together a useful list of exercises to try at home, from table top press ups to living room wall sits – and they’re great for women and men alike.

Ways to exercise at home

If you’re older

The Chief Medical Officer’s own physical activity guidance highlights the benefits of maintaining muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

These specific exercises are great for all ages, but particularly if you’re over 65:

Online home workouts

If you can’t go to the gym, or perhaps don’t want to, you can bring the gym into your own home.

There are a number of websites with online home workouts that you can watch and do whenever you want, some for free or with a free trial. For example,

  • Fitness Blender has over 500 free workout videos
  • Les Mills has a 14-day free trial that gives you access to over 800 online workouts

Other gym-free workouts

From sofa workouts to cardio jumps, the NHS has put together illustrated guides showing some other equipment-free workouts, many of which you can do at home.

Gym-free workouts

Only got a few minutes? The NHS’ 10-minute workout ideas are perfect if you’ve only got a bit of spare time when you’re at home.

10-minute workouts

With the kids

These Disney dance-alongs are a perfect, and fun, way to get active with the kids. One of the dance-alongs, which This Girl Can has made in partnership with Disney, is below, but you can get moving to all of them by clicking the button below.

Dance with the kids


And Change4Life has created some Disney-themed indoor games and activities, including a Toy Story 4-inspired Find Forky game, that are bundles of fun and will get the kids moving.

Indoor activities for kids

There are also lots of ways to keep disabled children and young people active indoors, including a seated version of a classic obstacle race.

Accessible activities

If you’ve got a bit more space

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active, if you have some space or you’re able to leave your house, of course.

Find out a bit more about its benefits and take a look at some other useful resources.

More about walking

The Active 10 app, from the NHS, is a great way to help you monitor and gradually increase your brisk walking levels over time.

It’s available to download via the App Store and Google Play.

Active 10

And if you’ve got a garden, you could use the extra space to play a few games – from frisbee if you’re with others, to football.

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Talent Plan for England

Sport England's Talent Plan for England

Welcome to Sport England’s Talent Plan for England

We want England to have the best talent system in the world.

We’re already a hugely successful sporting nation. Our country enjoyed record performances at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, while English athletes made up more than 80% of the hugely successful Team GB and ParalympicsGB in the most recent summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This success has been made possible by excellent performance programmes underpinned by effective talent systems – but we know we can’t take this success for granted.

That’s why we’ve produced our Talent Plan for England, which outlines our principles for investing in talent and explains how we can help produce the athletes that will star on the international stage in the future.

Phil Smith, our director of sport, says that while we should be proud of what has already been achieved, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. “In this plan we’re building on success,” he explained.

“We’ve set ourselves a high bar but believe we can create the world’s best sporting talent system.”


Our plan states that how we win is as important as what we win. As such, our plan has twin objectives of progression and inclusion.

It underlines that, for everyone in the talent system, sport should remain a positive experience and the system is also accessible to everyone who has ability and potential to succeed at the highest level regardless of their background.

“The experience young athletes receive will have a lasting effect on not only their sporting performance, but also their mental and physical health,” added Phil. “Training to win and enjoying the experience should not be mutually exclusive.

Judo hold

“Secondly, as fans we want to see sports teams that reflect the best of our nation and our population, in all its diversity. We have a concern that not only the culture of talent pathways, but also the sheer cost of being talented, may be a real barrier to this.”

Our talent plan has seven guiding principles describes how the England talent system is structured, outlines in brief how we work with key partners and provides some working definitions of terminology often used to describe various aspects of the Talent Pathway.

Download the Talent Plan for England PDF: blindsport.uk/SETalentPlan

Website:  https://www.sportengland.org/


£3 million Funding in Parkrun!

£3 million Funding in Parkrun

Sport England’s partnership with Parkrun worth £3M

The collaboration with Sport England aims to create 200 new events and boost participants from under-represented groups

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A £3 million investment in parkrun will see the free 5km runs focus on helping more women and people from lower socio-economic groups to get active.

We’ll collaborate with parkrun for three years to support the creation of 200 new events across England.

The National Lottery money will help to build on the phenomenal growth parkrun has seen in the 14 years since its creation.

With events taking place in 584 locations around the UK each weekend, parkrun has seen more than 1.8 million people take part to date and our aim is to extend that network.

197.2average number of participants per parkrun

Our investment will focus on the key areas of increasing the number of women and girls who take part, as well as increasing participation from lower socio-economic groups – two major targets in our strategy Towards an Active Nation.

“This important partnership with parkrun is part of our ongoing strategy to help grow new and innovative sporting ideas and broaden their reach into the demographics in society who are least likely to be active,” said our chief executive, Tim Hollingsworth.

“The funding – which is only possible thanks to National Lottery players – will enable parkrun to reach females and people on a low income, who are less likely to be active than the general population.

“We know from our research that cost and a lack of local opportunities are real barriers in stopping people being more active, and what parkrun does brilliantly is offer free, community-based events for all abilities.

“We’re looking forward to working with parkrun to help even more people get and stay active.”

parkrun began in October 2004, with a timed 5km run in Bushy Park, south west London.

13.4average number of parkruns participated in, per runner

Since then the free, timed, 5km runs have spread across the country and this investment will enable the modernisation of parkrun’s digital platform for registration, results and event information, in order to allow it to continue to grow indefinitely.

“This is an endorsement of the strides we have taken to create a model that empowers communities to implement a permanent mixed gender, multi-generational health intervention that appeals to a broad cross-section of society, particularly those for whom physical activity and volunteering is not the norm,” said the organisation’s chief executive, Nick Pearson.

“Our growth over the past 14 years has been organic and to a large degree dictated by community demand, not need.

“If we are to realise our target of increasing the number of parkrun events by one third in socially deprived areas in England over the next three years, we require a level of investment that will allow us to be proactive rather than organic in our approach.

“We are now in a position to build on our message and encourage more people to walk, jog, run and volunteer at our events by growing into new areas and engaging new audiences.”