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SalesForce running 5k for Metro Blind Sport!

Salesforce UK runs 5K to Raise 5k for Metro Blind Sport!

5k Run by Salesforce for Metro Blind Sport

Please help the Amazing @SalesforceUK  BDR Public Sector Team – who will be completing a 5k run to raise £5k for Metro Blind Sport

You can donate to their fundraising effort using this link: http://blindsport.uk/ShareRaiseRun

On Friday, 17th July our team – Salesforce BDR Public Sector – will be completing a 5k run to raise £5k for Metro Blind Sport

We want to give back to Metro Blind Sport who are creating sporting opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities with a visual impairment. We have chosen this charity since one of our team members’ vision is impacted after a sporting incident.

By engaging with partners, volunteers, and qualified coaches, Metro Blind Sport’s vision is to enable blind and partially sighted Londoners to lead a more active, fulfilling life through improving the accessibility of opportunities.

Check out their Twitter (@MetroVISports) and Instagram (@metroblindsport) page for more information on what they do and how.

Please help us reach our goal of £5k and get that matched by Salesforce to double the impact!

Thanks, Salesforce BDR PBU