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RSBC Nov Online Events: Audiobook Club – Sisterhood Squad & More!

RSBC November Online Events- Assistive Tech - Audio book club - Sisterhood & More!

RSBC November Online Events:  Assistive Tech – Audiobook Club – Sisterhood Squad & much More!

We have a packed scheduled of events for blind and partially sighted young people. You can also find our updated calendar here: https://www.rsbc.org.uk/live-life-go-further

See below for our range of virtual activities to keep you all engaged and connected. All of our sessions will be run via Zoom. Just download the app and click the link (which will only be sent to those who have confirmed attendance) and enter your name which will appear on screen


Please note: All sessions are password protected and moderated by RSBC staff, so are a fun, safe place for VI young people to connect.

To register your interest for any of the virtual sessions or if you have any questions please contact: connections@rsbc.org.uk or  enquiries@rsbc.org.uk 

If you have any suggestions or questions, or if you have any trouble accessing the timetable, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

for RSBC Virtual Programmes dates and more… visit the link below




RSBC November Online Programme Below.


All Week – Employment Advice  

Lead Staff: Mark

Age: 16-25

Do you require some clarity about what employment currently looks like? The alternatives or what kinds of things we can be doing that will help us with employment when we get back to normal? Book to arrange a call and get the latest advice from our Employment Support Advisor providing 1:1 support.


Assistive Tech

Lead Staff: Alex

Age: 8-25

Need help with apps, software and how to get the most out of technology during lockdown? Book a session with our Assistive Tech Officer providing 1:1 support.


Parents Assistive Tech

Lead Staff: Alex

Age: 8-25
Welcoming parents who need help with apps, software and how to get the most out accessible features on your smartphones to support your children and young people! We cover many different things as there are a range of abilities.

If you would like to make your tech work for you, you can do so by booking onto an assistive tech session with our Assistive Tech Officer; Alex.

Audio Book Club
Lead Staff: Jelani and Owain
Age: 11 – 25

Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people? Join our virtual sessions and enjoy listening to exciting audio books, intriguing podcasts, and taking part in insightful discussions. Take a journey through new worlds and explore ideas in our audio book club.


Lead Staff: Owain & Jelani/Vivek
Age: 8 – 25

The Creative Group will be working online and will be working towards our annual Christmas Concert.  Do you enjoy music, lyric writing, composing instrumental pieces? This is the place to be! Join our virtual Creative Group where you will learn new skills within the musical world, continue to excel and be able to showcase your amazing talents at the RSBC Christmas Concert.


Health and Well-being

Lead Staff: Lauren and Vivek

Age: 8-25

Join the RSBC virtual workout squad & our fitness Queen Lauren for a quick morning workout every Saturdays, to boost your energy and start your day strong! Adapted to suit all abilities.


Lead Staff: Sally and Lauren
Age: 16 – 25
Join the virtual Sisterhood Squad for open conversations, helpful tips, activities, and a variety of discussion topics. Join Sisterhood to get talking to ensure that young VI women have the tools they need to build a positive relationship with themselves and others.


Supper Club
Lead Staff: Jelani and Vivek
Age: 16 – 25
Grab some food and join us virtually to socialise and discuss your recent experiences as well as current and evolving topics in a safe and supportive space.


Sensory Story Time
Lead: Mandie
Age: 0 – 8

Join Mandie from the Families First team for Sensory Story time – dress to get messed and have fun. Feel free to bring along creative props to make the stories come alive.


Minds in Sight Local/National Meeting

Lead: Jelani

Age: 14 – 25

Let’s get to work! This November, the Minds in Sight Project sponsored by Erasmus is back and bringing you an exciting panel on Employment. We will have a wide and varied panel of experts eager to listen to you and your experiences surrounding employment and being VI. They are also there to share top tips and practices for finding the right job for you. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to share your opinion and story with people who make those decisions and will empower you to make a difference.


7 o’Clock Cub
Lead: Henshaws
Age: 14 – 25

Join this virtual group to connect with other VI young people, make friends and try new things. Contact marie.hansen@henshaws.org.uk to book your space!


 Social Saturday
Lead: Henshaws
Age: 11-25

Get social with other VI young people and challenge yourself: health & wellbeing workouts, beat boxing, games and more! Contact george.ferguson@henshaws.org.uk to book your space!



Blind and Partially Sighted Kids Sing ‘Stand By Me’ | Royal Society for Blind Children