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Metro Bowls Singles 2019

Metro bowlers group photo at the metro singles 2019

Metro Bowls Singles 2019

On Saturday the 10th of August at 9.30, Eric thanked all for turning up in time for the Metro Bowls Singles Tournament.  Eric thanked the 4 markers John, Steve, Josie’s husband David and Ken, and Ken’s wife Anne who helped Susan, the bowls club secretary, in the kitchen making teas and coffees all day.

After some group photos were taken the games started at 10 o’clock, four at a time.  The Metro players were separated into 2 equal groups.  Each game lasted an hour, and after all the group games had been played the 2 top teams in each group went onto the semi-finals of the cup.

Photos from the Metro Bowls Singles 2019

photos by Steven Simmons 

The rest of the players continued playing to see who would win the Plate.  2 of Metro’s new bowlers met in the final of the Plate and had a very exciting game.  Yusuf played well and was in the lead with 2 ends to go, then Mariza brought it back to 8-7 then in the last end managed to get another 2 shots to win 9-8.

In the semi-finals of the main competition,  Maureen beat another new bowler John Roulston, and Wilbert was just too good for Eric, winning 13-11.  In the final between Wilbert, who won the cup last year, and Maureen it was a closely fought encounter.

With 2 ends to go, Wilbert was 3 shots behind but then scored a 1 and a 2 to draw level, which meant they had to play an extra end to see who was going to win the cup.

It looked good for Wilbert when he put one of his bowls very close to the Jack only for Maureen to knock it out and take its place and so win the cup.

The president of VIBE, Visually Impaired Bowls England, Clive Robinson and his wife Bernadette came along for the day and watched all the games and said he was very impressed with the standard of the bowling, especially with the new bowlers.

It was then time for Eric to thank all for coming, and present Mariza with a voucher for winning the Plate, then gave Wilbert a voucher for being the runner-up in the cup then Maureen was given the big voucher and cup for being the Metro Bowls Singles champion for 2019.  15 Metro members then went round to the local Wetherspoon pub for a very enjoyable evening.

report by Eric Gallacher


Metro Bowls Pairs Tournament 2015

Bowls Ravencourt Park

On the 13th of June, the Metro bowlers met at Ravenscourt Park to take part in their annual pairs tournament. The first round of games started at 10 o’clock and the last round finished just before 6 o’clock.

It was a nice warm dry day, so all were grateful to Susan, the bowls club secretary, and her friend Jill who kept us supplied with teas, coffees and soft drinks. John Moran and my son Robert did a great job marking the games every session.

I was pleased to see that all the games were played in a nice friendly way, but still in a competitive spirit. The results at the end of play were in 3rd place Maureen Ryan and Joe Meehan, in second place Gordon Bains and Steve Simmons, and the winning pair, winning all their games, were George Phillips and Harish Kumrai.

I had the pleasure of giving Gordon and Steve bottles of wine, and large bottles of whisky and rum to the winners for all their efforts. 14 of us then went round to the pub, where Metro bought the first rounds of drink as usual, then all enjoyed a pleasant evening.

– Article by Eric Gallacher Metro bowls organiser.