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Andy Law Metro’s Chairman talks to DASL

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Andy Law Metro Blind Sport’s Chairman talks to DASL

Terry Paige, Jamille and Lucy from DASL  (Disability Advice Service Lambeth) talk to Andy Law, Chairman of Metro Blind Sport about the history of Metro. How sport can help to alleviate stress, and what Metro has provided throughout the pandemic, well worth a listen!



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Activity Alliance urges prioritising disabled activity!

Activity Alliance urges prioritising disabled activity!

Activity Alliance is urging decision-makers in sport and leisure to prioritise disabled people, as they strive to recover from the pandemic.

The call comes after they released their latest Annual Disability and Activity Survey.

This year’s survey results show how the pandemic is not only widening existing inequalities for disabled people but creating new ones too.


  • Disabled people felt that they do not have the opportunity to be as active as they want to, compared to non-disabled people (29% vs 44%).
  • Almost a quarter stated that they had not received enough information about how to be active during the pandemic (23% vs 13%).
  • Respondents said the lack of activity has led to both their physical and mental health being harder to manage. Feelings of loneliness and social isolation were frequently voiced.
  • A fear of contracting the virus, the impact on their health, a lack of space and support to be able to exercise safely at home, have become significant barriers for disabled people.

Annual Disability and Activity Survey

The  Annual Disability and Activity Survey report can be found using this link: