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Blindness Awareness Month 2020 with TPT!

Blindness Awareness Month 2020 with TPT

Blindness Awareness Month 2020 with TPT!

Original Article by www.pocklington-trust.org.uk

October is Blindness Awareness Month – and gosh, do Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) have a packed programme of videos, podcasts, webinar events, articles and stories to share with you every day this month!

Accessible technology in the workplace has come a long way over the last few years allowing blind and partially sighted employees to perform roles as well as their fully sighted counterparts.

Every week during October we will share an instructive video on how our blind and partially sighted colleagues manage spreadsheets and CRM systems, create and deliver presentations, organise meetings and post on social media.

National Braille week falls within Blindness Awareness Month (5-11 October) so we will be sharing a series of articles, videos, a podcast and interesting facts about Braille and its place in everyday life.

The following week we have a focus on accessible tech. Our technology experts will be reviewing Google Look and two competing Braille products.  We will also have a head-to-head between the conference software Microsoft Teams vs Zoom and a webinar event on accessible tech for education.

The latter part of the month we focus on stories from blind and partially sighted people in the workplace and showcase employers who are getting it right.  We also share inspiring stories from young people.

Visit the TPT for more information: www.pocklington-trust.org.uk


Here some of the highlights. Don’t miss these.

  • Monday 5 Oct:  Video – How to use a Braille machine

Is braille being usurped in the fast-paced technological world?  Read Blog Post Here

  • Monday 12 Oct: Tech Review: Google Look
  • Tuesday 13 Oct: Tech Review: Orbit Reader 20 and Mantis Q40
  • Wednesday 14 Oct: Webinar – Education Technology
  • Thursday 15 Oct:  Podcast – Teams and Zoom goes head-to-head
  • Friday 16 Oct:  Video – Creating and delivering presentations using JAWS

  • Tuesday 20 Oct: Video – employment through volunteering
  • Wednesday 21 Oct: Video – Managing and monitoring social media

  • Tuesday 27 Oct: Video – Performing CRM tasks using JAWS


Visit the TPT for more information: www.pocklington-trust.org.uk


Education technology support webinar, 14 Oct 6.30 pm!