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Instructional Fitness Skills Videos from the NWABA

Fitness Skills Videos for Blind and Partially Sighted from the NWABA

The purpose of the video resource library from the Northwest Association for Blind Athletes is to support athletes, teachers, families and community members in implementing instructional strategies when working with individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Fitness Skills Videos

Helping educators build the foundational knowledge needed to teach individuals who are blind and visually impaired in fitness skills, including, full push-up,  modified push-up, running, sit-up, jumping jack, jumping rope.

Fitness Skill: Full Push-up


Fitness: Modified Push-up


Fitness Skill: Jumping Jack


Fitness Skill: Jumping Rope


Fitness Skill: Sit-Up

Fitness Skill: Running

Supporting Documents: Link Here

Northwest Association for Blind Athletes Website: https://nwaba.org/

US Based Info

If you are US based you can find out more about NWABA’s adapted equipment lending library, the full video resource library and their PE consultation support in the video below.

NWABA Resources: Sports Adaptations Program Introduction

If you need documents in another format, more advanced instructional strategies, equipment, or consultation support, please contact Kirsten French, kfrench@nwaba.org, 360.859.3116.