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Metro’s Members Trip To Sicily

Metro's Sicily Activity Holiday

Metro’s Sicily Activity Holiday

I have just returned from a week’s action-packed, fun-filled holiday in sizzling, sensational Sicily. This activity holiday was organised by Metro Blind Sports in conjunction with Seable, and we were a party of 15 with varying degrees of visual impairment.

Damiano and his team paid great attention to detail in planning and implementing a very varied itinerary, to ensure we all gained maximum benefit from the excursions and activities arranged for us.

These included trying out a number of new water sports, such as windsurfing, paddle boarding, cave swimming in the sea as part of a speedboat trip and SCUBA diving.

Other activities included tasting delicious Italian ice cream and desserts, wine tasting and a touch, sense and taste experience at an organic farm – and not to forget our memorable day at snowy Mount Etna.

Damiano and his team had a very positive outlook and inclusive approach, which enabled us all to have a wonderful time and to get the most out of the prepared itinerary.

I would thoroughly recommend future Seable holidays to other visually impaired travellers and I would like to thank Seable staff,  (Damiano, Francesco, Carla and Emma), for making our trip to Sicily such a great success.

Article by Sandie

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I am visually impaired. I have some useful vision but take me out of my familiar environment I’m stuffed.

I’m been on a few holidays with sighted friends or partner and have found it so difficult in terms of finding anything like shops, restaurants, reading written information menus signs all of that, leaves you feeling useless. So have over the years been put off traveling.

Going on a group holiday to Sicily in May in association with London Metro Blind Sports. An activity holiday sounded like a way to enjoy a holiday abroad at ease. Box ticked – for me it was great to be able to trot alone with a group who understand and have no worries about you and how you manage anything sight loss.

The Seable guides did more than guide, they informed us of the area some of its history and day to day facts, read menus, organised trips all done with good will, relaxed and for me getting the balance of being present and engaged without being overbearing in any way. 

My dream holiday is to cycle abroad, South of France may be for 10days ish, its good to know it is now possible with Seable who I trust would work with me to make it happen. thanks guys 

Article by Christine Laurence