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The Metro Pairs Bowls Tournament was held on Saturday the 17th of June 2017.  I am pleased to report that our 4 new members Junette, Constance, Wilbert and Gause all took part and did very well.  This year we had 6 pairs, so we had a Round Robin, which meant each team had 5 games.

It was a lovely hot sunny day, with the first round of games starting just after 10 o’clock, after a minute silence for all the people killed in the Grenfell Tower disaster, and for some of our bowling friends.

It was a bit disappointing that I could only get 1 marker, as we had 3 games on each session, so the bowlers had to mark their own games.

All the pairs seemed to be closely matched, as the scores in the games were close.  After 4 rounds, with only the last one to go, 3 pairs had won 3 of their 4 matches so we didn’t know who was going to win.

After the last round, Junette and Maureen came first as they had won 4 out of 5, with Amit and Wilbert second just in front of Gordon and Steve by 2 shots.

Susan, the Ravenscourt Park bowls secretary, kept us well supplied with teas, coffees and cold drinks.

Maureen and Junette at Metro Pairs
Maureen and Junette at Metro Pairs

After Eric had presented the cup and large bottles of whisky and vodka to the winners Junette and Maureen, and bottles of wine to the runners-up Amit and Wilbert all went out and had a few photos taken.

We then all went off to the local Wetherspoon pub, where a room had been reserved for us, and had a jolly evening.