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Our Tennis Videos are Live!

Our 3 Blind & VI Tennis Videos are Live!

A new series of videos on blind and vision impaired Tennis

On 12th June, Metro Blind Sport have released a new series of videos to improve the delivery, understanding and participation of visually impaired tennis. The videos are being launched to coincide with the start of the International Blind Tennis Tournament 2019 in Benidorm where three Metro Blind Sport members are taking part.

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A recent Sport England Active People Survey showed disabled people are half as likely to be active as non-disabled. With support from the Greater London Fund for the Blind and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Metro Blind Sport has created a series of videos to help to reverse this trend.

The three tennis videos are designed to show how visually impaired tennis is played, how to take part and the benefits it has on participants. The videos will share first-hand experiences from people with a variety of visual impairments, so others can learn from their stories, helping them to understand the health and social benefits of playing tennis.

Below a playlist showing all three tennis videos

Visually impaired tennis is one of the fastest growing disability sports. As well as showcasing the sport to participants, the videos are an ideal resource for coaches who want to support the growth of visually impaired tennis.

Martin Symcox, CEO of Metro Blind Sport

“Metro Blind Sport are delighted with the growth of the VI tennis, since Metro members introduced the sport to the UK in 2007. Visually impaired people have told us that they are unaware of the opportunities that exist, and these videos are intended to demonstrate how blind and partially sighted can get involved and get active in an extremely popular VI sport.

Odette Batarell, Tennis Lead of Metro Blind Sport and International VI Tennis Player

“In early 2007 I received an email, inviting me to a demonstration of tennis for blind people by Japanese players. My first reaction was “How is this going to work?”, I was not sure I really wanted to go but in the end, I thought well why not, let’s find out what it is all about.

I loved the demonstration by Miyoshi Takei and Ayako Matsui and just before leaving I gave my email address and said I would be interested in joining a group that would play on a regular basis in London.

In the same year, Metro Blind Sport had created the first VI tennis tournament in the UK and the sport has grown significantly since then. Alongside other Metro members, I have travelled to Japan, USA, Ireland and Germany to promote the sport. Like me, many others have enjoyed the game, now playing regularly and it is become an international sport with international competitions.

Mark Bullock, Middlesex Tennis Disabilities Coordinator and Advisor in Inclusive Sport

“Tennis for people who are visually impaired is very exciting as to where the sport is to go next. It is the fastest growing disability tennis programme in the UK right now. I hope that the videos really encourage even more participation and support those coaches wanting to get involved with disability tennis.”