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Bowler Henry Tewkesbury’s died 23 September 2021

A photo of Ravenscourt Bowls club with text saying bowler Henry Tewkesbury’s died 23 September 2021

We have just heard of Henry Tewkesbury passing, and our hearts and thoughts go out to Maria and their family at this difficult time. Below is a message from Eric Gallacher, who has known Henry for many years.

‘It is with great sorrow that I have to report the death of our oldest bowler Henry Tewkesbury at the age of 83.  He was transferred from Guy’s hospital to St Thomas’s hospital on the 16th of September with anaemic problems.

He has not been well with heart problems, which ended up with him receiving a heart pacemaker.  Maria spoke to Henry and his consultant last Thursday the 23rd, and they both said he might be fit enough to go home the next day.  Unfortunately, 2 hours later he collapsed and went unconscious, then died a little later.  Maria was informed that Henry’s body will be cremated on the 14th of October.

I first met Henry while playing bowls at the indoor centre at Lower Sydenham over 20 years ago.  Then he joined us at the outdoor bowling at White City before we moved to Ravenscourt Park.

Henry had a lot of sight and often played with the sighted bowlers at Ravenscourt Park, then when we arrived in the afternoon he would mark our games.  In his younger days, Henry was a qualified electrician and had his own successful business.

Henry and Maria knew each other 35 years ago, then lost contact, but met again 13 years ago and got married.  They were a very happy couple and Maria, and the bowlers, will miss him.  Rest in peace, old boy.’