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GB Blind Sailing Team in Sheboygan!

GB Blind Sailing Team 2017

Sharon Grennan, a Metro member, is in the VI GB team and we wish her good luck along with her team mates on a successful world championship!

GB Blind Sailing Team have landed in Sheboygan, the weather is warm and the breeze is steady 12 – 15 knots.  The blind fleet racing is raced in a team of four in sight categories B1, B2, and B3.  B1 being those with no sight up to B3 those with conditions that reduce their sight like tunnel vision.   Each boat is made up of a sighted tactician and sighted crew with a visually impaired helm and mainsheet trimmer.

The British Blind Sailing Team
The British Blind Sailing Team – Photo from the side

Great Britain has worked hard to increase the number of both sighted and visually impaired, this year sees four new sighted sailor take part in the World Championships.  It is exciting to see GBR expand, new B2 crew Colin Midgley said “it’s exciting to be at the venue, in its self, it is a beautiful spot. It has been great sharing the event with locals in Sheboygan, creating interest in the event.  Today we have received our team kit, which feels great and I feel set for tomorrow’s practice racing”.

The British Blind Sailing Team
The British Blind Sailing Team – photo from the front

Justin Smith will be new tactician for the B3b team said: “it’s a great sense of pride representing GBR, I am slightly apprehensive wanting to do well for team and country but excited at the same time”.

The team has spent the day learning about the area and working with local Todd Wake about the weather and how the different breezes will affect the racing, this has been key learning especially for that have not sailed in this area before.

The team are set for training tomorrow, follow us at gbrblindsailing.co.uk


Training Update for World Blind Sailing Championships and sponsorship challenge!