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“Blind-friendly” filter on Google Play

Blind-friendly filter on Google Play App

Play Games: Discover games designed with accessibility in mind

Imagine coming across millions of games, but not knowing whether you can play them. That’s been the experience for people who rely on audio or screen reader capabilities. But thanks to the new Blind-friendly filter in the Play Games app, people who are blind can now quickly identify games designed with accessibility in mind. Some games don’t even require a screen reader. Continue reading “Blind-friendly” filter on Google Play

Mobile App That Reads Doc Files!

New Accessible Doc Reader App

A smartphone application to assist vision impaired people to read document files on mobile phones was recently launched.

original post  by coolblindtech.com

Innovation Garage Limited, a local tech-based company, developed the application with assistance from VIEW Foundation, a non-government organization, and jointly arranged the launching programme at Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka.

Accessible Doc Reader can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. A visually impaired person can use this app to go over document files written in Unicode fonts and reads out text to the user.

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