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The Great Indoors -100 Activities for Children from the Scouts!

Bear Grylls: The Great Indoors -100 Activities for Children from the Scouts!

The Great Indoors -100 Activities for Children from the Scouts!

Bear Grylls is encouraging children in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic to try new activities and develop new skills.

Scouts have made more than than 100 free activities, games and craft ideas available online while young people are obliged to stay at home.

The Great Indoors activities collection is available here.

Grylls, who is Chief Scout, said he hopes it will help children channel their energy “in a positive way”.

The activities are all designed to keep young people entertained and educated throughout any extended time in the home and each one has a clear set of outcomes, such as developing communication skills or learning how to problem-solve.

The resources will be accompanied by “how to” sessions on Facebook Live with Scout ambassadors, including Steve Backshall and Helen Glover, who will demonstrate the activities.

The activities collection, dubbed The Great Indoors, will be suitable to be done indoors with one or two children but can be adapted for three or more.

Grylls said: “As a parent and Chief Scout, I know that young people have such huge energy – and that needs channelling in a positive way. Without a plan, a week stuck at home for a family can be as tough as a week in the mountains.

“Whether you’re climbing Everest, or just trying to make it through to bedtime, a little planning and positive spirit will make all the difference.

“That’s why these brilliant activities will be welcomed by parents right across the UK.

“There’s something for everyone here to keep learning and having fun, while warding off cabin fever. They’ll help families stay busy, focused and cheerful.

It’s not often you’ll find me talking about the great indoors – but this is the exception. Try them out, look after each other, and most of all, make this challenging time a safe and positive time – it’s all state of mind.”

The Great Indoors activities collection is available here.



Blindfold Games – Audio games for vision Impaired kids, teens and adults.

Blindfold Games - audio games for vision impaired kids, teens and adults

At Blindfold Games, we’re building audio games for visually impaired kids, teens and adults. Since 2013, we’ve created over two dozen games that are enjoyed by thousands of blind people.

Blindfold Games blog follows how the games are created, why we pick certain games to build, and offers insight for both blind and sighted people into how the games are enjoyed.

link to Apple Itunes store: http://apple.co/1RZdVkx

Recently, I received the following email:

I spend hours playing blindfold solitaire, and have purchased all of the solitaire packs. The in-app purchases are well worth it. Each time I buy a new pack, I spend hours learning it till I can beat it. I also love Blindfold Dominoes, Blindfold Spades, and one of the newer games, Blindfold Roulette. I thoroughly enjoy Blindfold Racer. I often played the Blindfold Games before bed, when I first wake up to help me wake up, and through my lunch hour at work. I have tried Blindfold Hopper, and Blindfold Pong, but I admit I’m not much good at them.

I hope that you will continue to make the games. I enjoy all of them and will continue to support the Blindfold series. Thank all of you who make the Blindfold Games possible. J.N., Arizona State University

Thanks for following our blog. To check out the games, visit BlindfoldGames.org


Inclusive and accessible video game ‘JumpInSauceRS’

JumpInSauceRS a VI game by Audazzle

JumpInSauceRS is the first in a series of video games that reduce social isolation by allowing blind and sighted individuals to play together. JumpInSauceRS is a space shooter game currently playable on Android tablets and mobile devices.

(Paid version http://audaz.uk/1vvtQ25, Free version http://audaz.uk/1LzIlUJ)

Why two versions?

We released two versions because we want everyone to have access to our games. Money doesn’t have to be an issue. However, we hope those who can support us will, by purchasing the game. Not only will you be supporting us to create more games in the future, but your profile will receive a medal of honour, which will be displayed in your rankings and scores in the Hall of Fame!

Keep Testing and sending Feedback!

Although we have launched the game, we are always looking to improve and make the game more accessible to everyone!
So please send us feedback, we’re always checking to make sure we’ve taken everyone’s views into account. You will receive a response to your feedback within one day, there are various ways to send your feedback, they are:
Our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/audazzle
Our Twitter http://www.twitter.com/audazzle
email us feedback@audazzle.co.uk

Mists of Audazzle was funded on KickStarter

visit http://kck.st/1PvCXtd to go to the kickstarter campaign
“The Mists of Audazzle” is a social narrative and fantasy gaming network to connect sighted and visually impaired gamers through role-playing and turn-based storytelling. It will empower visually impaired gamers to be in the driver’s seat, design their own games and decide how the story unfolds via their in game fantasy characters.  Gamers will act on behalf of their fantasy persona to create stories within Mists and find new ways to communicate and overcome social isolation.

Audazzle Ltd. is a start-up founded in 2014 by Selwyn and Marie Lloyd, the parents of Daisy, a girl who lost her eyes to cancer at the age of two.  Daisy soon lost her confidence and self-esteem as she was left out of games at school, in the playground and even at home. However, Audazzle is not only about the Visually Impaired. More than 10% of the UK population suffers from varying degrees of social isolation. Lowering that percentage is their ultimate quest and “The Mist of Audazzle” is their weapon.

Audazzle’s founders:

Selwyn Lloyd: Selwyn is an experienced artist, software developer and technology project manager, with 20+ years entrepreneurial and technology experience in software start ups, data, telecoms, e-learning, publishing and branded goods industries.  Selwyn founded numerous technology companies and software projects for web and mobile. His software development clients have included notable companies like Vodafone and Xerox as well as a range of Universities, Research and Higher Education consortia. Selwyn has a diverse range of non-commercial interests, including funding research into rare genetic mutation Retinoblastoma and helping young people with learning difficulties via non-exec roles at Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund and Oxford’s CFL (Charitable Football League).

Marie Lloyd: Marie is a qualified teacher and lecturer who gained her Mandatory Qualification to teach Visually Impaired Children (Master’s Program) in 2008.  Since then, she has been working with visually impaired children of all ages to ensure they reach their full potential in learning. Marie also co-founded and managed a software development company with many projects in the education sector. She project-managed various large scale investigations and led teams of technicians, software developers and scientists. Graduated as a chemist, she also worked in the water industry and environmental sector as a process scientist. Marie also has a range of non-commercial and social impact interests including managing financial accounting for Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund.