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TPT Launches New Coaching Offer!

Facing Redundancy? TPT Launches New Coaching Offer

New professional coaching service for blind and partially sighted people

Original Post by pocklington-trust.org.uk

Blind and partially sighted people who are facing redundancy or have been made redundant can get support through a new professional coaching service launched by Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) and the Centre for Resolution.

Martin Sigsworth, Senior Employment Manager at TPT, said: “Citizens Advice research has revealed disabled people are at least twice as likely to face redundancy*.  And the hard truth is that right now securing a job is likely to be even harder for blind and partially sighted people due to increased competition for fewer roles.”

View professional Coaching page on the Thomas Pocklington trusts page

The new professional coaching service, delivered by the Centre for Resolution, an established mediation and coaching company, will help people who have been made redundant work through what steps they need to take to secure their next role.

If you think coaching will help you to make a plan for your next career goals or want to figure out what those goals are, send an email to   employment@pocklington-trust.org.uk  and they can arrange an initial call to see if coaching is right for you.

Ryan Compton, Director of the Centre for Resolution, said: “As a visually impaired person myself, I know the challenges blind and partially sighted people face both securing employment and progressing in their careers.  So, we are delighted to partner with TPT to provide this service specifically to visually impaired people.

“TPT is funding the service so it is free for blind and partially sighted people who need it.  Our coaches will help them identify career goals, develop a strategy with action steps to reach those goals, and provide accountability to achieve them. The career coach will use proven listening and querying techniques to support them as they find their own answers to problems they are facing.”

Martin added: “We know that assistive technology allows blind and partially sighted people to perform roles in the workplace as well as their fully sighted colleagues. But many employers as still oblivious to this and ‘won’t take the chance’ with blind and partially sighted candidates.  The new coaching service aims to try to level the playing field, to give people confidence and help them to find direction.”

The Centre for Resolution

The Centre for Resolution provides a range of services to individuals, families and organisations including civil, workplace, disability and family mediation, mediation skills and disability awareness training.

The aim of Centre for Resolution is to increase effective communication between colleagues and employers, family members and ex-partners, service providers and service users.  It is a Disabled Confident employer and proud member of the College of Mediators.