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Blind man’s “Echo Location” lets him bike, skate and navigate the world

blind man uses echo location video

Brian Bushway uses Echo Location  – video below

Published on 8 Aug 2016

‘I was imaging acoustically. The brain creates images whether you send it patterns of light or patterns of sound’Brian Bushway

Brian was raised in Southern California and became totally blind at the age 14. Brian lost his sight to optic nerve atrophy. Through strength and perseverance he continued his high school education and prepared for college. Brian graduated from Pepperdine University in 2005 acquiring a degree in speech communications with a minor in nonprofit management.

While at Pepperdine, Brian produced and hosted a college talk radio show which included commentary on current events and featured comedy bits. Brian was instrumental in shaping the non-profit management course at Pepperdine.

He worked hand in hand with the business professionals in the greater Los Angeles area, creating the first Community Partners Board. Brian studied abroad in Leone, France and then in London, England which provided a foundation of skill sets regarding cultural sensitivities.

Brian continues interactive speaking engagements to many campus fraternities and sororities. He speaks about embracing the college experience and maximizing the opportunities that college has to offer, with an insight to personal growth.

Presently, Brian is the program manager for World Access for the Blind, a non-profit organization which teaches mobility and sensory awareness orientation.

He acts as a mobility coach for the blind and a teacher of sighted mobility instructors on the use of echolocation. He designs and implements perception development plans for each client.

When not teaching, Brian offers technical and emotional advice to families. World travel has taken him to India, Scotland, Canada, and Armenia. Brian has consulted with international organizations such as Calcutta Mercy Ministries in India, the Armenian Eye Care project and Canadian School for the Blind.

He has helped them create blind mobility program and education classes on echolocation. Brian finds time to volunteer as a teacher at the Braille Institute of Los Angeles. He has taught the “Power of Positive Thinking” for the past 3 years.

In Feb 2010, Brian will be the Master of Ceremonies and Keynote Speaker for the regional Braille Challenge, with over 200 participants and families. Brian expresses himself in athletics by mountain biking. He has been featured as “certainly the world’s best totally blind mountain biker” in a number of Mountain Bike magazines.Brian leads Team Bat, a group of blind riders.

In 2009 Brian completed physically challenging 5K Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Brian regularly is asked to speak and share his insight into finding the opportunities that are located in peoples “blind spots”. “It is our blind spots that lay the untapped potential of additional growth. Once recognized that there in more to gain in all of us, the trick becomes in acting on and moving forward.”

Brian excites audiences with strategies to think and act like successful navigators of life. His life story inspires and motivates audiences. What people are saying: Brian appeared at a John Wooden charity function where he was introduced by Jon Naber  What people are saying: Brian appeared at a John Wooden charity function where he was introduced by Jon Naber a three-time Olympic gold medalist who indicated that if “Mountain Biking was an Olympic sport, Brian would definitely be there”.

Visit Brian Bushway website : http://brianbushway.com/


Can echo location help your sport? – Blind Sport Podcast

Can Echo Location help your sport- Blind Sport Podcast

Could you be better at sport if you made clicking sounds with your mouth?

Daniel Kish from California talks to us in episode 51  of the Blind Sport Podcast about how he has mastered the skill of Echo Location to assist him to interpret his surrounding environment in order to not only safely navigate around, but even more than that, be able to enjoy solo activities such as running, cycling and hiking as a blind person.

Daniel explains the work that he does with World Access For The Blind http://www.worldaccessfortheblind.org and how their training methods are having a massive impact on the way that many blind people interact with their environment, independently navigate the world and participate in many sports and physical activities.

This is a very thought provoking conversation and may challenge some of your views and beliefs. Is it possible to do more than you think without sight?

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