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Metro’s Double UK Bowls Champion

Amit Amin Double UK Bowls Champion

Metro’s has a Double UK Bowls Champion

The UK Outdoor Bowls Singles are held every two years and the four home countries take turn in hosting these games.  Last July 2018 it was Wales’ turn to organise the tournament.  Metro’s Amit Amin was selected to play for England in the B1 section for totally blind bowlers.

Each country is entitled to select two bowlers in each of the four sections men and women.  Keith Brenton from Gateshead was the other England bowler to play with Amit.  By the end of the tournament, Amit had won more games than Keith and the other bowlers, so was presented with the gold medal.

Last month in April 2019, two Metro bowlers were selected by England to play in the UK Indoor Bowls Championship.  This tournament is also played every two years, but in the years when the Outdoors are not being played.

This time Metro sent Steve Simmons in the B3 section and Amit again in the B1s.  Steve did very well and came home with the silver medal.  In the B1 section, It was touch and go who was going to get the gold between Amit and Douglas from Scotland.

They both ended up with the same amounts of wins, but Amit just pipped Douglas as he had scored two more shots.  This now means that Amit is both the Outdoor and Indoor UK Champion in the B1 men’s section.

This Friday, the 10th of May, he is off to Israel to play against the best from several countries, so let’s wish him all the best.

article by Eric Gallacher