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Can echo location help your sport? – Blind Sport Podcast

Can Echo Location help your sport- Blind Sport Podcast

Could you be better at sport if you made clicking sounds with your mouth?

Daniel Kish from California talks to us in episode 51  of the Blind Sport Podcast about how he has mastered the skill of Echo Location to assist him to interpret his surrounding environment in order to not only safely navigate around, but even more than that, be able to enjoy solo activities such as running, cycling and hiking as a blind person.

Daniel explains the work that he does with World Access For The Blind http://www.worldaccessfortheblind.org and how their training methods are having a massive impact on the way that many blind people interact with their environment, independently navigate the world and participate in many sports and physical activities.

This is a very thought provoking conversation and may challenge some of your views and beliefs. Is it possible to do more than you think without sight?

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