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Victa: Infinity Project 16-18 yrs!

Infinity Project with British Exploring Society & Jubilee Sailing Trust

British Exploring Society & Jubilee Sailing Trust ‘Infinity’ Project

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Date: 26 October to 3 November 2018
Cost: £150 (payment deadline 30th September 2018)
Age: 16 to 18 years
Land expedition: Fri 26 to Monday 29 October 2018 (4 days, 3 nights), Dartmoor National Park
Sea voyage: Monday 29 October to Saturday 3 November 2018 (5 nights, 5 days), Southampton/English Channel
Closing date: 30 September 2018

Join the British Exploring Society and Jubilee Sailing Trust in a land and sea expedition on their pilot programme ‘Infinity’. This is a nine day joint land and sea expedition where you must be willing to challenge yourself both physically and mentally and support your fellow explorers amongst a diverse, mixed ability expedition group.

For four days and three nights you and your team will work together on the wild moors of Dartmoor carrying heavy rucksacks, trekking all day across strange, rough terrain, then putting up your tent and cooking your own dinner.

On the fourth night you will board Tenacious, a sailing ship, on the south coast of England. She’s a very special ship. She is fully equipped to be crewed by a mixed ability crew, both disabled and non-disabled. For the next 5 days, everyone will work together as a member of the ship’s crew. You will learn to keep watch (including overnight, even on the first night), helm the ship, set the sails, go aloft up the rigging, work in the galley and clean the ship.

This nine days will be very demanding – but also extremely rewarding.

Do you have the resilience to get yourself through that and to support your teammates if they are struggling? Could you cope with an emotional roller coaster? One minute you could be exhilarated, the next frustrated. One moment it is the hardest day of your life, the next your greatest achievement. Are you the sort of person that enjoys the challenge? Will you be ready to support your teammates when they are feeling down? Can you ask for help when you are feeling low? Do you want to discover your capacity, to focus on what you can do (not what you can’t)? Do you want to develop new levels of self-confidence, independence, empathy and knowledge to take with you throughout your personal and professional life?

Please read through the downloadable PDF at the bottom of this section, containing further details of the land expedition and the sea voyage, as well as an example of a typical 24 hour period.

There will be NO VICTA staff or volunteers on this trip. The Leadership team for the Infinity pilot will include both male and female staff. 12 expedition and watch leaders, including two medical professionals will accompany the 28 explorers on both land and sea elements. On the sea voyage, the team will also be accompanied by the ship’s permanent crew.

Participants will need to make their own way to the start point (Dartmoor National Park) and arrange travel from the final destination (Southampton Docks).

We would also like successful participants to write about their experiences on the expedition that would feature on the VICTA website.

Link to VICTA website and form below


Please apply via the link to their online form below (deadline 30th September 2018).


Please select ‘VICTA’ when answering ‘Through which organisation did you hear about the Infinity Programme?’