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Sorry to report the death of one of our Metro Bowlers

Sorry to report the death of one of our Metro Bowlers: Ken Howell

Sorry to report the death of one of our Metro Bowlers

One of our bowlers Ken Howell passed away in hospital on the 5th of August 2020 at the age of 78.  He was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and battled through his chemotherapy treatment, and stayed at home until shortly before his death.

I first met Ken when he was my model for my final exam at the physiotherapy school in 1964.  I passed the exam and went onto work for the NHS, and Ken qualified 3 years later and went on to have his very successful private practice with his wife Anne.

Ken was a regular bowler at White City, Ravenscourt Park in the summer and at Brixton in the winter.  When I organised the Metro Singles and Pairs tournaments, he was always happy to mark the games when I was short of markers. We will all miss him at the bowling and in the pub later.

Metro bowlers group photo at the metro singles 2019
Ken Howell – top row  -2nd from the right  – Metro bowlers group photo at the metro singles 2019 at Ravenscourt park –

On Friday the 4th of September, his wife was restricted to having only 30 people at his funeral due to Covid19.  Josie with her husband David, Gordon, Miriam and I were invited to attend the service in Billiricay, then onto the crematorium in Chelmsford then off to his son’s house for the wake.

We will all miss Ken and his big ho, ho, ho laugh.  Rest In Peace friend.

Eric Gallacher.


Visually Impaired Virtual Exercise classes

Visually Impaired Virtual Exercise classes

Now  on Wednesdays

Visually Impaired Virtual Exercise classes. We are looking to support and improve your Physical, Mental and Social Health throughout this difficult period.

Join our FREE virtual exercise classes hosted by Tottenham Hotspur Foundations Health and Wellbeing coaches. Through November and December, we will be running weekly exercise classes exploring different types of training including:

  • Weights training – using light weights (dumbbells, water bottles, tins, books etc)
  • Calorie Burning Interval Classes
  • Core Blaster
  • Flexibility and Stability training – Promoting better balance, coordination and reducing the risk of injury
  • Recovery and mindfulness techniques

Sessions take place on Zoom virtual video platform on Wednesday’s at 2 pm if you wish to register interest or find out more please contact:

Adam Millar  Call 07392091327



Annual VIBE indoor pairs!

Maureen and David Runners up at the VIBE indoor pairs bowls 2020

VIBE National indoor pairs bowls tournament report

Three Metro pairs descended on Nottingham hoping to win the annual VIBE indoor pairs competition. They were, initially, to play four games each against randomly selected teams.

Maritza Jurgens and Wilbert  Williams fought hard particularly as Maritza had to get used to playing as a B1 for the first time. Her son is also having to learn as a director.

Gause Khanmuzaffarul and Steven Simmons played together. A formidable partnership. However, they were to play against stiff opposition. They failed to accrue sufficient points to get into the top four in order to try and win the main competition. Both of these pairs then found it hard going in the plate competition, not quite managing to finish in the top two.

However, Maureen and David got a slightly more comfortable draw. They won their first two matches comfortably. Then they had to play Maritza and Wilbur which proved to be more difficult, but they managed to win by 3 shots. In their last game Maureen and David played against the eventual winners, who had also won all 3 games. After a tight match the Metro pair managed to fall over the line.

This meant that Maureen and David qualified to play in the top four.  They then had to play the eventual winners once more. In what was otherwise a close game Maureen and David managed to drop 8 shots in one end.

In such a short match this was a disaster. Sadly, their second top four match was curtailed due to the unfortunate ill-health of one of their opponents. Therefore, our pair won by default. This meant that they needed to win their last game to finish runners-up. Despite some controversy on a couple of ends Maureen and David prevailed.

The hospitality at the venue was, as ever, excellent. We are grateful to all those who provided support. It is also nice to report that their were a few new VIBE bowlers at the tournament.

Maureen Ryan & David Mears. (From Metro). Runners up VIBE national indoor bowls pairs tournament Nottingham
Photo above of Maureen Ryan and David Mears [Metro] Receiving their runner up medals
report by David Mears

MSSC Social Taster 24 Sept

Merton Sports & Social Club 24 Sept Social is a Taster Session

Merton Sport and Social Club September’s social will be a taster session

hosted by Merton Vision.  MSSC  will be welcoming Merton Vision service users who have yet to join the club but who are keen  to find out what MSSC is all about and to try out some of the activities on offer.

Please come along and enjoy some delicious food, courtesy of Merton Vision,  have a drink and a chat with Merton Vision members and join them in trying out some of the taster activities, such as tandem cycling, bowling and sound ball tennis.

The bar will be open as usual and tea and coffee will also be available.

  • WHERE: The Guardian Centre, 67 Clarendon Road, SW19 2DX
  • WHEN:   Tuesday 24th September 2019
  • TIME:     7.30pm to 10.30pm
  • RSVP:     info@mssc.org.uk or Phone: 07500 913 223

Please get in touch if you would like assistance from Colliers Wood Underground Station or a local bus stop.


VI Bowls Brixton 9 April Cancelled

FREE Indoor bowls in Brixton - Every Thursday until mid April 2020
Brixton Leisure Centre,  27 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8QQ
4.00pm - 7.00pm
07956 352 199
09th April 2020

 VI Bowls Brixton 9 April Cancelled

We regret to inform you that the Thursday indoor bowls sessions at Brixton will be cancelled with immediate effect; until further notice. This is due to the current health situation.

Metro Blind Sport advises checking the latest government Coronavirus advice: link here  and the NHS advice on infection control: NHS Advice

Metro Weekly Blind & Partially Sighted Indoor Bowls

Why not learn how to play Bowls, join us, enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere with some new friends!

Every Thursday to the middle of April 2020, with a break for Christmas and the new year.
Time: 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Venue: Brixton Leisure Centre,  27 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London, SW9 8QQ
Contact:  Wilbertwilliams433@msn.com or call 07956 352 199

If anyone is tempted to join us or just wants to know more about the game, please get in touch with Wilbert  Williams

Contact: Wilbertwilliams433@msn.com or call 07956 352 199

Blind & Partially Sighted Indoor Bowls in Brixton video

Volunteers wanted

If any Members or partners would like to help the bowlers at the station collections or volunteer at the bowling sessions, they would be warmly welcomed.

Blind and partially sighted bowls videos below

Bowls for blind and partially sighted people

Bowls is a game which is very suited totally blind and partially sighted players, as only very minor adaptations need to be made. Vision impaired bowlers can play singles, pairs, triples or in teams of four. There is no reason why vision impaired bowlers can’t play against fully sighted players and they often do. It is a sport for people of all ages.

Although this skilful and fascinating game has been around for centuries, it was not until 1959 that the bowls started rolling for the blind, in Scotland.

Today, we use the ‘clock method’. The ‘marker’, who is stationed beyond the ‘jack’, indicates to those at the mat end, at what angle and distance from the ‘jack’ the bowl has come to rest.

The ‘jack’ is the centre of the clock. So, six o’clock would be in front and twelve o’clock behind, with all other positions being relative to the clock. From the information given by the ‘marker’ the player can build up a mental picture of the ‘head’ (area around the jack), knowing exactly the position of each bowl.

The only small concession made to blind players is that a fine white centre string runs under the mat and is fixed at both ends. This is to help the bowler to judge the angle for the amount of green required.

These minor variations enable blind and sighted people to play together as they do not alter in any way the basic game (or the Bowls England rules).