Weston-Super-Mare Bowls 2019

Weston-Super-Mare Group Photo Bowls tournament 2019


Last week seven Metro bowlers travelled down to Weston-super-Mare on the 1st of May to be ready for the start of the tournament on Thursday morning and returned home on Monday afternoon.

The tournament is split into two sections, one for the B1 bowlers, and the other for the partially sighted bowlers.  The B1 tournament was played as a Round Robin, which means each player has to play all the other players.  Eric Gallacher managed to win all his games so retained the Lions Cup which he won last year and was given the gold medal.

Photo gallery below

Keith Brenton from Gateshead received the silver and George Phillips from Metro got the bronze. In the open section, each player had to play twice a day for four days.  By the time the tournament finished, four players had won their 8 games.

Wales’ players won the gold and bronze medals, with Alison from Cornwall receiving the silver.  Our Metro bowler Gause also won all his 8 games but came fourth on shot difference.

Gail Hepworth won her first 7 games, then lost to Alison.  Wilbert Williams won 6 of his games.  Constance Onwuka won 5 of her games and Jackie Venus won 3 of her games.

All in all, Metro bowlers won a lot more games than they lost.  It was a lovely friendly tournament, and most of the bowlers have booked in again for next year’s tournament.

report by Eric Gallacher