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Visually Impaired Sailors’ Week: 02 – 09 July 2022!

Photo of a sailing yacht on the sea with the text : VI sailors week - blind week 02 – 09 July 2022 – Lymington
Royal Lymington clubhouse
Actual Event date 2 - 9 July 2022 -
08th April 2022
TBC - to know more please email the contact

Visually Impaired Sailors’ Week – Blind Week 2022

Event Date: 02 – 09 July – Lymington

Applications need to be received by Friday 08 April 2022


With fingers crossed, that when the current Omicron wave finally passes, so will the worst effects of the pandemic, we are writing with a warm invitation for you to participate in the coming year’s restarted event.

Our 2022 sailing week will be Solent-based and hosted once again by the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.  Of course, Blind Week will be subject to any Covid regulations, laws and conditions that are current at the time of the event, but with the high vaccine and testing levels now achieved, and seven months to go, we are optimistic that the event will happen – keeping everything crossed naturally!

Participants will gather during the afternoon of Saturday 02 July and we start the week with an opening dinner at the lovely Royal Lymington clubhouse that evening.

Having sailed to a variety of locations around the Solent and beyond during the week, the yachts and their crews will re-convene at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club for the closing dinner on the evening of Friday 08 July.  The event will then end on the morning of Saturday 09 July when crews will disembark their yachts and return home.

The event will again be facilitated through the Sporting Activities for the Disabled Charitable Trust.

If you are visually impaired and would like to apply for a place to crew on a yacht for the week please fill in your responses to the questions below and reply to this email as soon as possible – at the latest by Friday 08 April 2022.

To avoid crossed wires, please be sure to reply to this email, even if you have previously indicated to us that you would like to participate in Blind Week 2022.

Whilst we are very aware of the need to keep costs under tight control we are, nevertheless, conscious of the fact that prices have risen significantly since our last event three years ago. Despite this we are keeping the VI participant’s fee for the 2022 event to £260.  However, applicants will be pleased to learn that should Blind Week be cancelled then the VI fee for a place on Blind Week will be fully refundable.

If you haven’t participated in Blind Week before, please read the document ‘What’s it all About?’ – a description by regular VI participants which actually follows on from this letter (as we’ve been told that email attachments can sometimes be a headache!)

We should emphasise that you really do not need any prior sailing experience to participate in and really enjoy Blind Week!  Complete beginners and newcomers are just as warmly welcomed as experienced VI sailors whose skills have been developed over many sea miles.  If you know of any visually impaired person who may not be aware of the event, but might also like to come along, or any friend who doesn’t appear to have received this email, please do ask them to contact us

 The RYA’s video of the event  below


Please note that Blind Week only caters for applicants over 18 years old.  In addition, the sailing yachts used are not specially equipped or adapted to cater for physical disabilities, and therefore the event requires moderate agility by all the crew, including all VI participants.  This agility requirement is set out in the ‘What’s It All About’ document, Section 4, and we ask all applicants to confirm that they meet it.

At this early planning stage, it is impossible to offer firm places until we know the availability of boats.  So, while we will quickly acknowledge receipt of your application, we will only be able to confirm your place and your provisional yacht allocation at the end of April.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!


If you would like to take part in the event

Please fill in the below downloadable Form below and fully read the  what it is all about section

Blind Week – VI APPLICANT 2022 Form – word Format

and send the form to this email address mail@blindweeksailing.co.uk

Applications need to be received by Friday 08 April 2022

We will quickly acknowledge receipt of your application, but please note that the firm offer of a place and allocations to yachts will not be made until the end of April. 


Once again – our best wishes for 2022… a year in which we hope you’ll spend some of your time on the water, sailing with us!


Will Bridge Blind Week Co-ordinator   & Rosie Shorman Blind Week Co-ordinator

Visually Impaired Sailors’ Week – Blind Week

Sporting Activities for the Disabled Charitable Trust:  Charity no. 1044893

31 Pacific Close

Southampton SO14 3TX





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Sailing: Five spaces for a day sail in Falmouth!

Sailing Update from VISA-GB!

Free day sail in Falmouth with visaGB

** Stop Press

Great opportunity if you have access to fabulous Falmouth in August,  we have space for five lucky people to join us for a day sail on Friday 27th August.

The cream on the cake is that thanks to the lovely lottery it is free of charge, yes folks you can have a day’s sailing for nothing more than your transport to and from Falmouth.   Sounds good, want a spot?

All you’ve got to do is email Sue on membership@visa-gb.org.uk. to bag your space.

Sue will send you all the details you’ll need.



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Sailing Update from VISA-GB!

Sailing Update from VISA-GB!

Good morning shipmates, hope all is well as we march into April!

Here’s a message from young Sue, our overworked membership sec, who’s been manipulating spreadsheets and doing her very best to squeeze every last bunk to make sure we get as many of our enthusiastic crew onboard.

Royal Escape Race, Round the Island and the Scottish Flotilla are now fully booked.

Sea Vision, 7th to 28th August passages between ports are fully subscribed BUT there are a few spaces for the day sailing, dates as follows:
Poole on 12th Fully booked. Poole on 13th Fully Booked Torquay on 19th, 4 spaces available. Torquay 20th Fully Booked Plymouth 24th, 4 spaces available Falmouth 27th, 4 spaces available

If you can get to these locations we are offering a free taster sail starting at 10 a.m., back by 4 p.m., We will meet you at the marina gates, escort you to the 46′ yacht where you will be welcomed with a cup of tea and a biscuit, we will then give you time to familiarise yourself with the layout of the boat before having a safety briefing and leaving for a short sail. You don’t need any experience to take part, there will be other visually impaired sailors onboard to help you along with an experienced sighted crew. A light lunch will be provided and we’ll get you back by 4 p.m.

All these day sails are free of charge thanks to the support we’ve had from the National Lottery, you’ll need to pay your travel costs to and from the location. If you’re interested in taking part Sue’s number is 07767717440 or membership@visa-gb.org.uk

The September trip from Cowes to Brighton, starting on 5th September in Cowes and finishing in Brighton on 9th has a couple of spaces.

the return trip starting in Brighton on 10th September returning to Cowes on 14th has also got a few spaces left. Cost for this trip is £40 per day, this includes all your food onboard but you’ll need to pay for travel and any meals ashore. Sue’s number is 07767717440 or membership@visa-gb.org.uk

We are planning a warm weather cruise in October, if restrictions allow, somewhere in the Mediterranean, details to be announced. If you are interested in the idea please contact Sue, as she says, “even if it can’t happen this year let’s get planning for 2022”. Expected cost is around £500, plus airfare, so if you are interested get in touch. Sue’s number is 07767717440 or membership@visa-gb.org.uk

And finally some great news as we are excited to confirm that we now have, not one, but two women skippers for our trips. This is a significant step forward for us as we are very keen to make sure our sighted volunteers represent the demographic mix of our membership. If you’re a keen sailor and would like to help us run these trips we’d love to hear from you. Sue’s number is 07767717440 or membership@visa-gb.org.uk

That’s all for now folks, stay safe, keep calm and practice your knots.



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Free online sailing course with GBR Blind Sailing!

Free online sailing course with GBR Blind Sailing

Try a free online sailing course with GBR Blind Sailing!

Want to find out about a new sport, meet new and make new Friends in lockdown and work toward your Start Sailing Certificate?

The online sailing course is running over four weeks on sailing theory, for anyone that has never tried sailing or has had a go and would like to know more. The course is designed for any level of visual impairment and they will have a team at hand to support all.

Topics that will be covered…

  • Introduction to Sailing,
  • The different types of sailing available and hear first hand some inspirational story’s from Blind Sailors.
  • Parts of the boat
  • The different types of sailing available and hear first hand some inspirational story’s from Blind Sailors.

And so much more, if you have had questions about sailing this course will answer them.

Time & Location

11 Mar, 19:00 – 01 Apr, 20:00
Blind Sailing Zoom Classroom

Register Here: https://tinyurl.com/OnlineSailing

(choose the number of needed free tickets needed and a new option will then appears to add your contact details)

This will be a fun few weeks with laughs along the way and you never know this may start you on the path to becoming GBR’s next World Champion.

Website: https://www.gbrblindsailing.co.uk


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Ahoy Shipmates! A Video from visa-gb!

A video about blind and partially sighted sailing from visa-gb!

Ahoy Shipmates and a very happy new year to you all.

It’s great to have seen off 2020 with a size 12 sailing boot in the stern quarters.  Our faces now turned to windward as we await nursey to arrive in full sail with hypodermic pointed at our quivering buttocks, ah the pain and the pleasure!  But before we drift off into the arms of carry on nursing your attention is required.

Way back in the dim and distant days of yesteryear you’ll recall rumours of daring-do on the high seas as team Visa took on the Hollywood big wigs and shot an adventure fit for the big screen – well my hearties that moment is nearly upon us and the first cut is, as they say, in the can.  As this is the first cut and the audio described version is still at the studio we’ll give you the heads up on the action.  Please read below, to set the scene or you can jump to the video Here:  Quick link to the video 

Setting the Scene

With your freshly brewed cuppa and a newly opened packet of digestives, the king of biscuits as voted in 2020, you should sink into your favourite chair, put your feet on the cat and snuggle down as we set the scene.

Our story begins with the tinkling of halyards, sound of the sea, and the music begins.  Our boat, a 45’ Jeanneau sailing yacht with a large cockpit, two steering wheels and enough bunks to sleep ten,  was kindly loaned by to us by UKSA.  We are moored, starboard side too, at Town Quay marina in Southampton.

Town Quay is located to the East side of pier where you would catch the Red Jet to Cowes and about 100 metres from the Red Funnel port.  Once you leave Town Quay you are in Southampton water, which on the two days of filming was unremittingly grey with only the occasion squall to keep us honest.

As you leave the Quay you would expect to pass the huge cruise liners that start their world journeys in normal times.  Anyway back to the music and this heralds the arrival of Anil and Nathalie, Anil is self-guiding himself along the pontoon and Nathalie has the arm of Jane, one of our splendid volunteers.  As they reach the boat canes are folded and they climb aboard to join up with their crewmates Karen, Lorraine, Lofty and Vijay along with volunteers Jane, Bruce and Tim.

Once onboard the trip begins and the visually impaired crew make the boat ready for departure,  engine started, lines off and we are away out into Southampton water.  During the journey the crew hoist the sails, steer the boat, tack the boat, make a brew and do everything needed to go sailing.

With a first time sailor onboard and a busy stretch of water there are two reefs in the main and the headsail is also reefed, wind speed ranges from 8 to 18 knots.

The sea state is smooth as the wind is a north-westerly blowing offshore The voices you hear are from some of those taking part, the first is skipper Tim, then you’ll hear from Lofty, Lorraine, Nathalie, Bruce and Vijay.

We hope you enjoy this film below

We hope their words remind you of the fun of sailing and encourage you to join a trip with us in 2021 

Sailing Schedule for Visa-GB 2021

Website: https://visa-gb.org.uk/