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VIP Singers Video – Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth!

VIP Singers Video- Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth!

The VIP Singers are a group of Visually- Impaired people and their friends. They made this amazing video for the @guidedogs Christmas Wishes Event in 2020. Lovely to see some Metro blind sport members taking part.

VIP Singers – Little Drummer Boy: Peace on Earth – YouTube Video Below


The VIP Singers are a group of Visually-Impaired people and their friend. We made this video for the Guide Dog Association’s Christmas Wishes Event in 2020.

The VIP Singers normally meet at St Thomas’ Hospital on a Saturday morning (we’re on Zoom at the moment).

If you fancy joining us you are very welcome!

Ring 07770 381 758 for more information.

And while I know that everyone is being pressed for money, if you find you have £10 burning a hole in your pocket and you feel like supporting our singing group for the blind and other support for the visually impaired of South London, based at St Thomas’s,  please feel free to send it online to:

South London Resource Centre for Visually Impaired people

Sort  30-91-54

a/c 01712024

If you are interested, have a look at www.southlondonvision.org as well.



RSBC: Octobers Virtual Events!

RSBC Octobers Virtual Events

Royal Society for Blind Children

Octobers Virtual Events!

RSBC have moved online! See below for our range of virtual activities to keep you all engaged and connected. All of our sessions will be run via Zoom. Just download the app and click the link (which will only be sent to those who have confirmed attendance)

You can call us between 9 am-5p m Monday – Friday on 020 3198 0225

Email Us:  enquiries@rsbc.org.uk


Download the programme  in Word format below



Assistive Tech

Lead Staff: Alex
Age: 8-25
Need help with apps, software and how to get the most out of technology during lockdown? Book a session with our Assistive Tech Officer providing 1:1 support.

Parents Assistive Tech

Lead Staff: Alex
Age: 8-25
Welcoming parents who need help with apps, software and how to get the most out accessible features on your smartphones to support your children and young people! We cover many different things as there are a range of abilities.
If you would like to make your tech work for you, you can do so by booking onto an assistive tech session with our Assistive Tech Officer; Alex.

Audio Book Club

Lead Staff: Jelani and Owain
Age: 11 – 25
Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people? Join our virtual sessions and enjoy listening to exciting audio books, intriguing podcasts, and taking part in insightful discussions. Take a journey through new worlds and explore ideas in our audio book club.


Lead Staff: Owain & Jelani/Vivek

Age: 8 – 25
The Creative Group will be working online and will be working towards our annual Christmas Concert. Do you enjoy music, lyric writing, composing instrumental pieces? This is the place to be! Join our virtual Creative Group where you will learn new skills within the musical world, continue to excel and be able to showcase your amazing talents at the RSBC Christmas Concert.

Health and Well-being

Lead Staff: Lauren and Vivek
Age: 8-25
Join the RSBC virtual workout squad & our fitness Queen Lauren for a quick
morning workout every Saturdays, to boost your energy and start your day
strong! Adapted to suit all abilities.


Lead Staff: Sally and Lauren
Age: 16 – 25
Join the virtual Sisterhood Squad for open conversations, helpful tips, activities,
and a variety of discussion topics. Join Sisterhood to get talking to ensure that
young VI women have the tools they need to build a positive relationship with themselves and others.

Supper Club

Lead Staff: Jelani and Vivek
Age: 16 – 25
Grab some food and join us virtually to socialise and discuss your recent
experiences as well as current and evolving topics in a safe and supportive

Sensory Story Time

Lead: Mandie
Age: 0 – 8
Join Mandie from the Families First team for Sensory Story time – dress to get
messed and have fun. Feel free to bring along creative props to make the stories
come alive.

RSBC October Half Term  from 26  to 31 October 2020


Disability Sports Coach Guest Deliverer Sessions

Lead: Lauren & Jelani/Vivek
Age: 8 – 25
Come online and join us virtually with Disability Sports Coaches. Bring your dancing shoes and learn new skills with their dance coach! We will also be taking it to the ring with a boxing session, bring your gloves, your water bottles and your ‘can do attitude’.


Palace for Life Guest Deliverer Sessions

Lead: Lauren & Jelani
Age: 8 – 25
Join us to welcome Palace for Life coaches who will set you through your paces during this online sports session.

Open Mic Session

Lead: Owain & Jelani
Age: 8 – 25
Dust off your notebook, start your vocal exercises and pull out your guitar! This Open Mic session is a place for you to showcase your hidden talents or just to try out something new in a safe environment.

Quiz Time

Lead: Vivek & Lauren
Age: 8 – 25
Let’s get quizzical! Put your thinking caps on and join us in a fun morning of trivia and games. Quizmaster Vivek and his sidekick Lauren will be brining you riddles and brainteasers to get your morning going!



A Message from Marcus and the Team at Tate!

Tate: A Message from Marcus and the Team!

This is a message from Marcus and the team at Tate, keeping in touch with you as Tate continues to be open and running with a range of safety measures now in place which are working well to keep our visitors feeling confident and secure.

I know that many of you are still shielding, or at least avoiding Central London, so this monthly email is to continue to assure you that we are still here, we miss you, and that we look forward to the time when we can welcome you back into our galleries again!

This month’s Content:

  1. What’s going on at Tate?
  2. Audio Description of the Month
  3. A suggestion for something to do in London
  4. Podcast: The Art of Protest

What’s going on at Tate?

At Tate Britain we have just reached the end of the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition. We were having about 1,400 people visiting the gallery as a whole per day but now that the exhibition is over we anticipate seeing just about a third of that number coming in. Tate Britain’s next major exhibition, Turner’s Modern World, opens on 28th October so we are expecting a fairly quiet month of October.

Tate Modern continues to be our busiest site, particularly as the ever popular Andy Warhol exhibition continues to draw the crowds this month with approximately 2,500 visitors per day to that building.


Audio Description of the Month

Here is our Audio Description of the month, of a wonderful Barbara Hepworth sculpture Two Forms Divided Circle which is located in the Barbara Hepworth Gardens at St Ives. Please click here:



A suggestion for something to do in London

Heather Phillipson, The End

Trafalgar Square, Central London

THE END is the first commission on the Fourth Plinth to include a braille panel on its plaque

Here is a brief description to help you visualise this artwork: The tall granite plinth is topped by the top of an enormous white eight-metre high Mister Whippy style ice cream swirl, the bottom of which slightly overhangs the plinth. On top of this swirl is a two-metre tall bright red cherry with a long green stalk.

Crawling up the ice cream is a giant black fly. Perched on the cherry there is a black drone with its four copter blades spinning, transmitting a live CCTV image of that part of Trafalgar Square.

You will not be able to get up high enough to touch the sculpture itself, but you will find the Braille panel on the south side of the plinth. This sculpture is up for another year at least, so please don’t take any risks travelling to see it, do wait until conditions are safe for travel in Central London to resume.

Please click here:



The Art of Protest

Trafalgar Square has always been a place of protest, it still is, and here is a 30 minute podcast to listen to in which artists including Jeremy Deller describe how their creative practices are driven by acts of protest. Please click here:


We wish you a great month ahead, and will send our next Magazine to you on the third Monday in October. Until then, please feel very welcome to email me with your thoughts, questions and suggestions

With our very best wishes

Marcus and the Public Programmes Team

Tate Britain




My Prudential RideLondon get on your bikes 15-16 Aug

My Prudential RideLondon 15 and 16 August 2020

Get on your bike – or scooter, skateboard, trike, tandem, penny farthing, roller skates, unicycle – to help save the UK’s charities!

The eighth edition of Prudential RideLondon was due to take place on 15 and 16 August 2020, and while the festival can’t go ahead as planned, we want to keep the wheels moving and celebrate the event weekend by encouraging people to get on their bikes – or any other non-motorised wheeled transport! – and help save the UK’s charities in the process.

My Prudential RideLondon is building on the success of The 2.6 Challenge – created following the postponement of the London Marathon – which became the biggest collective fundraising effort in the world, raising more than £11 million and involving nearly 4,000 charities.

My Prudential RideLondon is your chance to take part in the world’s greatest free festival of cycling. Whatever your age or ability, you can join in – wherever you live in the UK and with whoever you like – family, friends or by yourself.

It’s your rideyour way,  for the charity of your choice!


the official website: https://myridelondon.co.uk


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the UK’s charities, with the cancellation of thousands of fundraising events and the loss of billions in income.

Many charities have had to reduce or stop services at a time when vulnerable members of society need them most. Thousands of staff have been placed on furlough, and one in 10 charities face bankruptcy, while the sector as a whole faces a funding gap of more than £10 billion in 2020.

Over seven years, the Prudential RideLondon festival of cycling has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to get on their bikes, raising £77 million for thousands of charities in the process.

This year, we can’t all ride together, but we can unite for My Prudential RideLondon to celebrate cycling and support the UK’s charities.


the official website: https://myridelondon.co.uk




SalesForce running 5k for Metro Blind Sport!

Salesforce UK runs 5K to Raise 5k for Metro Blind Sport!

5k Run by Salesforce for Metro Blind Sport

Please help the Amazing @SalesforceUK  BDR Public Sector Team – who will be completing a 5k run to raise £5k for Metro Blind Sport

You can donate to their fundraising effort using this link: http://blindsport.uk/ShareRaiseRun

On Friday, 17th July our team – Salesforce BDR Public Sector – will be completing a 5k run to raise £5k for Metro Blind Sport

We want to give back to Metro Blind Sport who are creating sporting opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities with a visual impairment. We have chosen this charity since one of our team members’ vision is impacted after a sporting incident.

By engaging with partners, volunteers, and qualified coaches, Metro Blind Sport’s vision is to enable blind and partially sighted Londoners to lead a more active, fulfilling life through improving the accessibility of opportunities.

Check out their Twitter (@MetroVISports) and Instagram (@metroblindsport) page for more information on what they do and how.

Please help us reach our goal of £5k and get that matched by Salesforce to double the impact!

Thanks, Salesforce BDR PBU