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Photo of dance instuctors in black in six different dance poses and also one dance reaching up to the dance dosti logo top right The text says South Asian background with sight loss? what challenges you the most about getting active? please share you views, so we can create activities that meet your needs.

Dance Dosti Survey

Dance Dosti is a dance programme created by Step Change Studios in partnership with Metro Blind Sport and supported by Vision Foundation. We want to support people with sight loss to be active. Dance Dosti is especially focused on people from a South Asian background.

We know there are challenges that can be specific to culture and disability. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to share your views, which will help us and other dance and fitness providers in our efforts to create activities that meet your needs.

Please complete this short survey:

If you are unable to access the survey, please email us: or leave a message on: 07642 895461 and we will contact you to complete the survey with you.


Dance Dosti

A head and sholders photo of a dance insructor holding her arms and hands in a Bollywood style also there is a Dance Dosti and Vision Foundation Logo and the text says
Dance Dosti offers Free, Bollywood, Latin, Street & Contemporary Dance

Thinking about trying something different? Try Dance Dosti and take part in pre-recorded online dance sessions. Our free sessions are created as short-bursts of activity to help you fit it in around your daily life, when and where you want.

All video and audio sessions are free to the Dance Dosti community once you register for free. You only need to register once to start dancing.

Come and take part with Step Change Studio. Find out more by visiting the Dance Dosti website


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