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In recent months, our CEO and trustees have been reviewing the subsidy policy. There are several changes from the previous policy.

Please take notice of the changes carefully, as we have made it clearer what activities we will support and when and how requests should be made. It is advised that members read the policy before submitting a subsidy request.

Downloadable Subsidy Policy and Subsidy Claim Form

If any members have a question related to the below subsidy policy, please email or call 07837 721648


Subsidy requests

Subsidy requests MUST be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the activity taking place unless it is on the pre-authorised list of activities (see below and use Subsidy Claim Form instead), and, if approved, copies of receipts (please keep the originals for your own records) must be submitted within 4 weeks of the activity together with a subsidy claim form.  Failure to do so may result in non-payment.


Where to send the Subsidy Request Form

Please complete the relevant form and email it to 


Claim Amounts

 Members can claim up to the following amounts where an overnight stay is essential:

£50 for the first night and £30 for subsequent nights ie

  • £50 for 1 night
  • £80 for 2 nights
  • £110 for 3 nights
  • £140 for 4 nights
  • £170 for 5 nights
  • £200 for 6 nights
  • £230 for 7 nights

Members can claim the following for travel expenses where an overnight stay is not required:

  • Up to £25 per day (receipts required)


Pre-authorised list of activities:

(Please use a Subsidy Claim Form)

Metro Blind Sport reserve the right to change this list without consultation



  • LTA Visually Impaired Regional Tennis Tournaments
  • LTA National Visually Impaired Tennis Championships
  • IBTA International Blind Tennis Tournament



  • Partially Sighted Football League, Cup Tournaments
  • Partially Sighted Football League, League Tournament



  • Blind Cricket England and Wales National League
  • Blind Cricket England and Wales Regional League
  • BBS Primary Club Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup
  • Blind Cricket England and Wales Twenty20 Cup
  • Blind Cricket England and Wales Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Development Festival
  • Blind Cricket England and Wales Brian Johnston Memorial Trust International Ball Challenge Cup



  • Weston-Super-Mare Open Singles
  • UK VIBE Indoor Singles
  • UK VIBE Indoor Pairs
  • UK VIBE Indoor Triples
  • UK VIBE Outdoor Triples
  • Open Pairs and Singles National Championships
  • World Blind Bowls Championships
  • Hastings Tournament



  • BBS Indoor Championships
  • BBS Outdoor Championships



  • Ridderweek


Metro Subsidy Policy – July 2022

 Extract from the aims and objectives of the charity:

  • to provide, where possible, some form of financial assistance to its members to enable them to participate fully in sometimes costly events;


Guidance notes for trustees, existing and new members


  • Subsidies are available to members living within the Greater London area
  • Subsidy requests must be submitted on the subsidy request form
  • If approved, claims must be supported by receipts within 4 weeks of the activity
  • Subsidies will not be granted for adult members travel within London due to the availability of the Freedom Pass.
  • Travel for junior members will be considered
  • Members living outside Greater London may apply for a subsidy, however, travel costs will be calculated from the Greater London area to the event.
  • Subsidy requests MUST be presented for approval at least 4 weeks prior to the activity unless the activity is on the approved activities list which can be found on page 3
  • Requests will NOT be approved retrospectively


Who can be a Metro member?

  • People who live or work in Greater London
  • People who live in surrounding counties and regularly take part in Metro organized activities
  • People who became a member when living in London and have moved away.


Additional Guidance

  • Requests will be considered by the trustees with guidance from activity leads when applicable.
  • Trustees will take care to manage funds across all activities and members.
  • Members must disclose if they have received any other means of payment towards the activity that they are claiming a subsidy for.
  • We regret that, on occasion, we may not be able to support subsidy requests.  Trustee decisions are final.



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