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I want to Know more. Who do I Contact?

For more information about skiing for blind and partially sighted people and Metro’s involvement, contact Mike Brace at:

What is Ski For Light?

SFL is held in January or February in a US location.
25% of attendees are first time skiers, and on the final day, you have the chance to participate in a 5 KM rally and a 10 KM race.

• For more information click here to go to the SFL site.

What is Ridderweek?

Ridderweek is held in March or April in Beitostolen Norway.

You have the opportunity to participate in a 5 KM race for women or a 10 KM race for men; a biathlon (a 6 KM ski coupled with sonic rifle shooting); and the 20 KM Ridderrennet race.

You can read Metro member’s accounts of the 2013 and 2011 Ridderweeks by accessing the ‘Skiing Articles’ link on the right hand Navigation links on this page.

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